What’s in my Hospital Bag?

hospital bag essentials

Oh, the hospital bag…  For some reason this whole ‘pack the hospital bag’ thing actually stressed me out.  Well, packing in general stresses me out and usually involves multiple glasses of white wine (please tell me I’m not the only one who needs alcohol to pack? :)) But since that wasn’t an option, I did what I do best and resorted to Pinterest for help.  After checking-out what other mom’s packed and talking to my mom friends, I was finally able to pack my bag today!

Hospital Bag

Soooo what’s in the bag?

For Me:

  • Comfy robe + nursing gown 
  • Nursing tank-tops + loose, cotton shorts
  • Nursing bras 
  • Granny panties: Although I’m really looking forward to the great mesh ‘underwear’ that the hospital supplies ;)
  • Socks + slippers
  • Toiletries: Travel size s + c, toothbrush, hair elastics, headbands, body wash, shower cap, deodorant, prenatal vitamins, etc.  Also, Lanonin cream just in case the hospital doesn’t provide it.
  • Going-home outfit: It’s only a 5 minute drive home so I just packed comfy shorts + a tank top

For Baby:

  • Onesies: NB + size 0-3 
  • Accessories: Socks, hat, mittens
  • Swaddle blanket: We’ll probably use the hospital swaddle blankets but figured I’d pack a cute polka dotted one for pictures   .
  • Newborn diapers: I heard some hospital don’t supply newborn-sized diapers?!  So I packed these just in case…
  • Pacifiers
  • Hand Sanitizer: Technically it’s not for the baby but for me and anyone else touching the little one 

Misc. Items:

  • Boppy pillow: For breast-feeding 
  • Night-light: So we don’t use the bright overhead lights during the late-night feedings
  • Snacks: Granola bars, trail-mix, hard candy, mints
  • Book + magazines
  • Camera + charger
  • Pillows + blankets: For the hubby’s ‘bed’

 Last Minute Items To Pack:

These are the items that I use on a daily basis so I’ll quickly pack them up before we take off… 

  • My fan: I can’t sleep without it
  • Electronics: iPhone’s (work + personal), laptop, chargers
  • Hair brush
  • Make-up bag
  • Face lotion

_ _ _ _ 

Moms: Am I missing anything?  Or am I packing too much??