Race Calendar/ PRs

(My friend and I before a local 5K)

 Upcoming Races:


Until baby Doyle arrives this August, I’m just going to run at a slower pace (more likely power-walk/jog) and hold off on racing.  I will however plan out my upcoming races for this Fall!  I’m thinking a few 5K’s and 10K’s in October and a half-marathon in November. :) 

Running PRs (Personal Records):

5K: 22:30 – 7:15 min/mile

4 Miler: 30:37 – 7:39 min/mile

10K: 51:47 – 8:20 min/mile <– I need to run more 10K’s and beat this time!

6.66 Miler (‘The Devils Chase’): 51:41 – 7:46 min/mile

10 Miler: 1:20:57 – 8:06 min/mile

Half Marathon (13.1 miles): 1:44:25 – 7:58 min/mile


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