Link Loving Friday

It’s Fridayyyy!!!

 Ha, yup story of my life.  Actually, I can’t wait to take it easy tonight and just run a few errands, work-out then plop on the couch with some take-out & Netflix. :)

I haven’t even done anything out of the norm this week yet I feel so drained…   Maybe this is what happens when you’re 33 weeks pregnant?  I just spent the week working, working-out (gotta get 10,000 steps a day!), and getting stuff ready for the baby, including her nursery.  Oh, and speaking of the nursery, it’s almost finished!  We ordered this glider and ottoman (in the natural/beige shade) from and put it together last night.  It fits the little space perfectly and so far it feels really comfortable.   We have a few more things to pick-up and then we’ll be done! :)

Alright, and now onto the links!  Here’s what I’m loving this week….



This Bali Banana Date Smoothie looks delicious! I really need to start adding dates to my smoothies!

Here’s a great list of 15+ healthy summer recipes.

A lemon poppy seed cake is perfect for brunch w/ your friends this weekend.

Looking for a healthy pizza alternative?

These gluten-free peanut butter cookies look amazing and they’re under 100 calories each!

Opps, I refrigerate about 80% of these items…  11 foods you shouldn’t ever refrigerate.

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Here’s a quick and intense 2 week total-body challenge to get you bathing-suit ready!

I need to start doing the one-minute bikini butt lift ASAP.

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 So this might not fall under the ‘fun’ category for everyone but I have a crazy obsession with organizing :)  Here’s a list of favorite organization ideas.

Well it’s wedding season!  Wanna know how to dress for weddings?

Here’s a great month-by-month guide on the best time to buy everything.  Apparently we should be stocking up on lingerie and dishware this month…  Who knew?

Somehow Mike and I kill all our houseplants (no lie) but maybe we’ll do better with these 7 unique non-toxic houseplants?

And lastly here’s how to get soft, sandal-ready feet for the summer.

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Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! ;)



Link Loving Friday

Happy Friday!!!

How’s your week so far?  It’s been a pretty low-key week over here which is always really nice.  As much as I can’t wait to meet our baby girl this August, I also keep reminding myself to sloooow down & enjoy my last few child-less months.  So this week included a lot of easy power-walks and time spent plopping around the house. :)

And time for the links…

Food & Drinks: 

Don’t these 15 top-pinned smoothies all sound incredible?

Looking for some Cinco de Mayo recipes?  Check out these 10 insanely delicious guacamole recipes.  


These 25 fresh squeezed cocktails look amazinggg!  I’ll have to revisit this website after the baby Doyle arrives. :)

Here are 5 ways to make your water taste better (so you’ll drink more of it).

flavored water


I can’t wait to check out these 10 AWESOME Youtube workout channels!

  Who needs a gym when this no-equipment workout will get your heart rate up + tone your body?


All I have to say is wow, wow, wow….   35 restaurants with breathtaking views.

How have I never heard of frank body scrub?!  This all-natural coffee scrub is supposed to do wonders on your body…  I’ll have to order some pronto!  Have you guys heard of or used frank?? 

 Have a great weekend everyone! 

Link Loving Friday

Good morning and happy Friday!

Each week I spend a lot of time (probably too much time but I get addicted :)) scrolling the internet and checking out all the awesome blogs out there.  I often discover sites that I really love and thought that maybe you guys would too.  So I’m going to occasionally share a bunch of my favorites and call it ‘Link Loving Friday’.  Sound good?

Here’s what I’m loving this week….


Check out this list for the ’25 Best Body-Weight Exercises’ <— Perfect for the fast approaching bikini season!

Did you know that not only is yoga amazing but it can also make you a nicer person?

This site has a list of the 9 Books Every Runner Should Read (I’ve only read ‘Born to Run’ on this list so I’m excited to check out the other books!)

Not a fan of running??  Check out this list for the 10 Biggest Running Mistakes.


This blog is a must read if you’re looking to plant herbs in your garden this Spring.

I want to make these Cilantro Lime Tacos this weekend!

Satisfy a sweet tooth with these 8 Paleo Desserts!  Doesn’t the ‘Cocoa Cherry Cake’ pictured above look heavenly?


Your Must-Do Checklist For a Healthy Week‘ is a great checklist for all of us!

Wanna do your own gel manicure at home??  Yes, please.

Looking for some fun Easter projects?  Here are 26 DIY Easter Bunny Ideas for ya!

Enjoy your weekend! :)