Five Things Friday

Hello, hello!  Let’s jump right into ‘Five Things Friday’….

1. – As you know, I’ve been obsessed with fresh pineapple and going through 2-3 a week!  Thankfully a whole pineapple costs only $2.99 and it’s super healthy so I’m OK with this obsession {now my out-of-control chocolate obsession is a whole different story}.

 Besides the amazing flavor, do you wanna know why pineapples are so awesome?

health benefits of pineapple

2. –  For the past few weeks, I’ve had the hardest time sleeping at night.  It’s partly due to insomnia and part because my cat tries to sleep on my head.  The cat I can’t really do anything about but for the insomnia I’m hoping that if I read for an hour before bed it’ll help calm my mind.  Does this trick work for anyone?

summer beach ready

I started ‘Beautiful Day’ the other night, ‘Orphan Train’ is the July pick for my Book Club and the other two books look like fun, summer reads. :)

3. – We’re in the final countdown…  baby Doyle is due in only 5 weeks!!  I feel like we’re fairly ready for the baby but still have so much to do.  I know you can never be fully prepared for a baby but I’m hoping to finish up some more things on our to-do-list before the little one arrives.  First up, is to actually write out a to-do-list. ;)  

As for classes, we’ve already taken the ‘Baby 101’ class, the ‘Birthing’ class and hospital tour but we still have the ‘Infant CPR & First-Aid’ class and I have a breast-feeding class in July.  And we need to install the car seat {and have it checked by the fire department}, finish the nursery, buy more baby supplies, etc.  Maybe I’ll write a post on our ‘Baby TDL’?

4. –  I’m still keeping up with my 10,000 steps a day!  I’d say 90% of the time I’d rather drive home and chillax after work but I force myself out for power-walk and always feel a million times better once I’m done.  

Yesterday’s walk was a really peaceful one…  

It was just me, the baby bump, a little reggae music on Pandora and a hilly, 3 mile loop in the woods.

5. –  I’ve been really slacking with my dinner’s lately but on a good note, I’ve been eating more Panera Bread.  I’ve been a huge fan of Panera for years and even worked there during college.  Last night’s dinner included the delicious ‘Strawberry Chicken Poppyseed Salad’ + a glass of water with frozen strawberries. 

And I also enjoyed a big ol’ chocolate chip cookie after dinner…   Perfect dinner for 1, right? 

_ _ _ _

Happy Friday, everyone! :)


Five Things Friday

Haaaaaappppy Friday!  

I figured I’d do a post with the five things that have been happening in my life lately.  They’re in no particular order and some are probably more exciting than others (#5 is a good one!).  Alright, here we go…

1) I finally made the switch from a plastic water bottle to a glass water bottle.

glass water bottle

I ended up getting the Life Factory water bottle and so far I LOVE it.  Not only is a glass water bottle way better for you and the environment but everything just tastes so much better in a glass water bottle.  Want more reasons to switch to glass?  You should check out this blogger’s great post. :)

2) Coconut water is back in my life!  A smoothie tastes so tropical and summer-y when it’s made with coconut water compared to milk as the base.  My smoothie yesterday included spinach, frozen mango, strawberries, protein powder and coconut water.

3) Whole Food’s Coffee is back in my life as well.  I usually stick with home-made coffee (to save $$$) but some days when I need a little treat (and break from cubicle life), I head over to the awesome coffee shop at WF’s.  Yesterday I went with a decaf, almond milk latte.

whole foods coffee

4) Fitbit or Jawbone??  I’m excited to finally purchase a real pedometer but can’t decide which one to get.  The Fitbit offers one with a display screen showing your steps but it also looks so BIG on your wrist.  As for the Jawbone, it doesn’t have a display screen but it’s smaller and cuter.  They both track your steps and your sleep so I guess I can’t go wrong with either of ’em? 

fitbit vs. jawboneFitbit (left) vs. Jawbone (right)

If you want more information comparing the two, you should check out this article from the Huffington Post.

5) And last but definitely not least, I have a PEANUT BUTTER GRANOLA recipe for you guys  I made a very similar Peanut Butter Granola a while ago but I wanted to switch it up and make a sugar-less granola.  So I got to work in the kitchen and in no time at all I had a super healthy, delicious and highly addictive granola (<– don’t say I didn’t warn ya ;))

Healthy Peanut Butter Granola


  • 2 1/2 – 3 cups rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup all natural peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • a couple pinches of sea salt
  • 1 packet or scoop of vanilla protein powder (optional)


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and spray a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray.

2. Microwave the peanut butter for 20-25 seconds to soften it.  Then combine all the ingredients together in a large bowl until mixed.

3. Spread evenly on the baking sheet and bake for 18-20 minutes, stirring it halfway through.

4. Allow it to cool completely before storing in an airtight container in the fridge.

peanut butter granola

Ohhhh, I can’t wait to eat this deliciousness with my greek yogurt this morning!

_ _ _ _

Do you have a pedometer?  If so, which type?

Any fun weekend plans? :)

Five Things Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  Wow, this has been a long ass week!  Right??   Thankfully it’s Friday and almost the weekend!  So I think it’s about time we do a ‘5 Things Friday’ post (aka I’m too tired to think and actually write a real post…. :))

1) Last night I grilled this frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s and it was DABOMB.COM.

Warning: This pizza was so good that after I had 3 little slices (1 serving) I then went back for another slice.  And another.  And then the last slice…..  Hey, it happens sometimes.  So next time I’ll have to make sure Mike is here to split the pizza or I have to practice better self-control.

2) I’m obsessedwith Tracy Anderson’s No Weights Workouts on YouTube.

The workouts are only 5-12 minutes so I’ve been trying doing them pretty much every day for the past 2 weeks.   

3) I think Target has some of the best workout clothes!  I bought this super light tank top by Champion and I love it.  Not only is it light and comfy but it also rides lower in the arms which is ideal for me (don’t you hate it when they ride up in your armpit while running?)  It’s a perfect top for running during the hot/humid summer months.  :)

4) I can’t wait to make/buy the ‘Low-Calorie, Healthy Frozen Yogurt’ treats from this article.  First on my list are these tasty looking 30 calorie greek yogurt cupcakes!

5) And lastly since I don’t show you guys nearly enough picture’s of Rocky (preferably I’d show you 1 a day but I hold back), here’s a little photo shoot in his favorite spot… securedownloadI know I’m biased, but isn’t he the cutest cat ever? 

_ _ _ _ _

Where do you buy your workout clothes? 

Anyone else love Target?

What workout video’s do you watch online?? 

Five Things Friday

Happy First Day of Summer!!!! 

Here are my 5 random things for today:

1) Happy Belated 1st Birthday to Avocado Run!!!  Wooohoooooo!  I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for over a year!?  I admit that at times I’ve had a love/hate relationship with blogging but overall I’m still so so happy I started one!   

2) Today’s workout included a 3 mile run/walk around the lake in Wakefield.  It was hot out and I was tired so I included a lot of walking intervals but it’s better than nothing.  When I arrived home I completed this quick circuit workout (I also did mountain climbers instead of the crunches since you get so much more out of a mountain climber than a crunch.  It works your core, arms, legs, and abs (I should probably look that up but I’m pretty sure it works all those muscles))

3) My lunch today was day #3 of the same yummy/easy meal.  It was an egg salad on a 90 calorie Fiber One wrap with lettuce, cheese and a side of carrots and popcorn.

The popcorn doesn’t taste that amazing at first but once you have a bunch it starts to taste more like movie theater popcorn but with out the buttery crap.  And for real, it’s addicting.  But it’s OK since a serving size is 4 CUPS and it’s still only 155 calories!

4) I wore white jean capri’s to work today.  This is big news, guys.  I have never owned white pants before, ever!  They felt so soft so I’ll probably be sporting these 3-4 times a week this summer. :)

Why do my feet look so tiny in this picture?

5) Lastly, I think everyone should run/walk/skip the “Take the Lake 5K” with Mike and I next Sunday, June 30th @ 8:30am (check out this website for more info).  It’ll be a fun, low-key race around the lake and after we can all enjoy mimosa’s and bloody Mary’s at my place. :)

_ _ _ _ _

Any fun weekend plans?

Any races coming up? 

-Just a couple 5K’s for me this summer :)

Five Things Friday

Let’s get to it!  Five things I’m lovin’ right now……

1) Having a workout buddy!  Even better?  A workout buddy who dresses the same as me.  I was soooo close to ditching spin class the other night but when you have a friend also attending the class bailing is not an option….     

Btw, something I’m not lovin’ but hoping it’ll grow on me is spin class……   it’s just so damn hard! :-/ 

2) Harpoon’s Summer 12 Pack.  UFO, Summer, and Midsummer Fling all in one pack?  Yes, please! 

3) Zucchini boats! Simply cut zucchini in half and place on an aluminum foil wrapped baking sheet.  Brush a light layer of extra virgin oil on top, add a little salt and pepper, chopped mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatoes, a lil’ grated parmesan cheese, and bake at 350 degrees for about 30-40 minutes (or until tender). 

These make a great healthy appetizer or as a side dish like I did last night. (Thanks for the recipe, Jacki!). 

4) New favorite 3pm or after dinner snack = lightly sea salted almonds w/ dark chocolate chips.  Such a good sweet & salty combo!  Just make sure you portion it out and don’t keep going back for more…  

5) And lastly, the Run For Boston book.  I really love the fact that everyone has come together to support Boston since the Marathon.  Along with thousands of people across the country (maybe even world), I participated in the “Run For Boston” event on 4/17.  I made a blue and yellow sign, went for a run, and then uploaded the picture on Facebook.

**The 150 page photo book is now available for sale, and ALL proceeds are going towards either additional books (up to 200) for the victims in Boston or to the One Fund of Boston on behalf of this group.  To order your copy of the book, click here.

 _ _ _ _ _

What are you lovin’ right now? 

Any spin fans out there?