10 Easter Ideas!

Good morning!

With Easter just 1 week away I figured it was time to create an Easter board on Pinterest.  So here are 10 eats/drinks/activities that I gathered from around the web….    Hope you enjoy! 

I think I’ll bring these fun Peeps Fruit Kabobs to my families Easter Linner next Sunday.

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This Easter Oreo Bark recipe looks amazingggg.

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Want to make an Easter Egg Lunch that your kiddos will love?

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Here’s the perfect Easter Basket for your man (or yourself). Treats + beer!? Yes, please.

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Wouldn’t this colorful centerpiece look awesome on the Easter table?

Easter centerpiece

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Start your morning off with one of these 12 Easter Pancakes recipes!

Easter Pancakes

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This Bunny Bait recipe would make a perfect gift or you could just pour it in a bowl for an Easter appetizer. :)

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How cute are Easter Chick Cupcakes?


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Can someone please have a Peeps on the Beach for me??


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This Don’t Eat the Peeps game would be fun to play with the kids.  Or you could probably turn it into a drinking game for the adults? Just print out this template and you’re good to go!


Happy Sunday, friends! :)


9 Fun & Festive St. Patty’s Day Ideas!

Now that I’m a ‘Doyle’ and officially Irish I feel it’s my duty to really get into St. Patrick’s Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved this festive day but usually my focus is more on the drinking aspect and way less on the actual holiday.  This year I’m going to switch it up and bake some sweet treats, prepare a big hearty Irish breakfast (green pancakes w/ whipped cream is Irish, right?) and add a bunch of green, shamrock-y decorations around our house.

First up on my list?

 A home-made wreath for our front door.  I was originally going to buy a wreath but after finding only cheap plastic ones, I decided to just make my own. So I hit up a craft store with no plan in mind and wondered the aisles until I found some decent looking items:

I simply layered the foam ring with the tan burlap wrap, added two different shades of green ribbon and then glued two puffy shamrocks on top of the ribbon.

The process took less than 20 minutes and I absolutely love how it turned out. :)

And thanks to Pinterest, here are 8 more great ideas for an extra festive St. Patty’s Day!

1. – Guinness and Cheddar Dip, 2.- Lucky Charms Cupcakes, 3. – A Lucky Breakfast, 4. – Shamrock Mason Jars

5. – Green Fruit Dip, 6. – St. Patty’s Pretzel Rods, 7. – Rainbow Buttermilk Pancakes, 8 – Festive Garland

_ _ _ _

What are your St. Patrick’s Day traditions?

DIY: Picture Frame Dry Erase Board

I hope you’re all having the best weekend ever! :)

OK, so I try to stick with blogging about workouts, healthy recipes, and similar topics but today I made something that I think you guys will like and it’s “green” so I had to share! 

But first…….     Do you know what’s the best thing about completing a workout by 7:30 am?  Having the whole day to do whatever you want!!  After I stretched, showered, and had breakfast, I treated myself to a mani/pedi (my feet deserved it) and then chilled on the roof deck with a book. 

Annnnnnd within an hour I was hot and antsy. 

So I ventured over to Target (not the smartest decision on a tax free wknd – lots and lots of crazies) and picked up a couple of items for a mini DIY project.  For months now I’ve been meaning to make a picture frame dry erase board and I finally got around to it today. :D  All it required was a 5 x 7 picture frame, scrap-book paper, and dry erase markers. 

This was such a simple project and yet it’s something that Mike and I will use all the time.  Plus, it will eliminate all the wasteful paper we use leaving each other little notes on where we are, when we’ll be home, etc. 

Easy project + being “green” = win win!

The scrap-book paper came in a variety pack so I’ll be able to switch up the paper too!  Suhweeeeet! 

Yes, I get excited over a variety of colored paper……….    don’t you?! :)