Happy 4th of July!

Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a Happy 4th of July!!  

Mike and I are heading to my mom’s house on the Cape for the long weekend.  I’m hoping our plans include lots of beach time, relaxing in the evenings (well as much ‘relaxing’ as you can with 12 people + a dog + a cat under 1 roof ;)) and enjoying my families annual Lobster Fest on Saturday night.  

As for food + drinks, I’m planning on whipping up this festive cocktail for everyone:



Champagne or sparkling water (I used La Croix’s coconut flavored sparkling water for my mocktail above)
Pomegranate or cranberry juice (optional)
Star-shaped iced cubes

red white blue mocktail

And making these delicious looking brownie, marshmallow, fruit kabobs for dessert!

4th of July dessert

Hope you all have a happy + healthy holiday weekend! :)

_ _ _ _

PS if you’re looking for some more red, white + blue ideas, just check out my fun & festive Memorial Day blog post!


Currently I’m….

Good morning and happy Friday!  Hope the weekend forecast in your area is as gorgeous as it’ll be in Boston!  Too bad I’ll be at birthing classes on Saturday & Sunday but I’ll definitely get out and enjoy the sunny weather after the class.  Maybe a late-afternoon trip to the beach followed by a BBQ in the yard?

Alright, let’s jump into a ‘Currently I’m… ‘ blog post.  I’ve seen similar ones around the blog world and figured I’d do one myself.  

Currently I’m…. 

Eating….   As I’m typing, I’m eating a Luna bar but in general I’m eating lots of sweets.  Fresh fruits {mainly pineapple & organic strawberries}, dark chocolate, ice-cream bars…


Drinking….   A home-made iced-coffee with almond milk.  So good!

Reading….   A bunch of fun blogs & magazines {Parents magazine, Runners World & US Weekly}.  As for books, my Book Club just selected Orphan Train as our July book so I’ll start that as soon as I pick up a copy.

Obsessing over….  Everything at JCrew Kids and Pottery Barn Kids.  I used a gift card yesterday and picked up some items at PBK’s for the nursery including this adorable elephant mobile…

elephant mobile

and this tote bag (without a monogram):

diaper bag

We already have a SkipHop diaper bag so I’m thinking I’ll use this as a daycare bag? :)

Watching….   Not a lot, actually.  I just finished catching-up on Scandal (obsessed!) and now I’m just watching The Real Housewives and some other not-so-great shows.  I’m also giving Season 1 of ‘Orange is the New Black’ another chance but (don’t hate me here) I’m not loving it…

Listening to….  Pandora.  Currently I’m jammin’ out to Jack Johnson, Slightly Stoopid, Coldplay & Dave Mathews stations.  I’m hoping the mellow music will help produce a happy, chill baby.  That’s how it works, right? ;)

Recommending….   1) Everyone go buy a pedometer.  Seriously, it’s such a good investment – my Fitbit gets me off my butt and out for a walk on a daily basis.  


And 2) Everyone watch the documentary ‘Vegucated’.  I’ll admit I still haven’t finished it since I kept crying at the scenes with animal abuse but I’ll finish it this weekend. {PS it’s available on Netflix}

Loving….    Everything CORAL!  Nail polish, jewelry, shirts, sundresses, diaper bags…

Feeling….   Excited/tired.  Excited that I’m only a few weeks away from meeting my little girl but I’m definitely feeling tired from my lack of sleep at night.

Craving….   Besides a bunch of cold, summer beers?  I’m also craving this delicious No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake.   How amazing does this look?!


Looking forward to….   Meeting my baby…  Just 6 weeks to go!!!  I’m also looking forward to a few upcoming trips to the Cape including the 4th of July weekend.  That’s the weekend my whole family gets together for our annual ‘Totten Lobster Fest’!  Oh boy… 

_ _ _ _

So what are YOU currently….

 Watching? Reading? Craving? Looking forward to? 

Fun & Festive Ideas for Memorial Day!

Happy Friday, friends!

Well it’s Memorial Day Weekend – the unofficial kick-off to the summer!! I’ll be heading to the Cape tomorrow morning and hopefully soaking in the sun at the beach {fingers crossed that it warms up!} and then just hanging-out with family & friends.  Gotta love a low-key weekend. :)

So whether you’re relaxing at home, chillin’ at the beach or Beer-B-Q’ing with friends, here are some fun & festive ideas for your Memorial Day Weekend:

Start your morning off with these Colorful Pancakes

Memorial Day Pancakes

_ _ _ _

Or my very own Red, White and Blue Fruit Dip!  

_ _ _ _

Red, White and Blue Sangria is perfect for any time of the day.

_ _ _ _

Ohhh, these Strawberry Margarita Ice Pops look delicious. {I’m def. making them after baby D. is born!}

strawberry margarita ice pops

_ _ _ _

This beautiful, guiltless Trifle is a perfect dessert for your party.


_ _ _ _

A mini Burger Station sounds pretty amazing, right?

_ _ _ _

Fruit Wands are such an easy, healthy dessert.


_ _ _ _

Check out this site for 7 Red, White and Blue Desserts.

_ _ _ _

15 Memorial Day Cocktails – Yum!

Memorial Day Cocktails

_ _ _ _

These Patriotic Flair Printables are cute and FREE!


_ _ _ _

I’m sure everyone loves Dipped Pretzels.  Plus, you can switch up the colored sprinkles and make them for any holiday.


_ _ _ _

This Frozen Triple Berry Smoothie recipe sounds & looks amazing.


 _ _ _ _ 

Gotta love Festive Straws from Etsy!

It’s probably too late to order these straws for Memorial Day weekend…  but thankfully you can use all of these red, white & blue ideas for your 4th of July festivities as well!  

Have a great long weekend! 


No More Running & WIAW #21

I was so excited to write a post last night and discuss my workouts lately and what it’s like to be fit & active at 29 weeks pregnant.  I was going to tell you guys about my much-needed prenatal yoga class last Saturday morning, my workouts from the Pilates Summer Series Challenge and share my recent walk/jogs…

Buuuut then I fell while ‘running’ last night.  I wasn’t going very fast but it was still a painful fall and I landed right onto my knee and elbow.  I don’t think I fell on my stomach but I called my doctor and she had me check-in to the labor/delivery section of the hospital just to be on the safe side.

So the nurses hooked me up to a monitor and kept me there overnight (in my running clothes) to make sure the baby was alright.

THANKFULLY, baby Doyle is doing great and I feel fine!! :):):) The only down-side (besides being in a hospital for 24 hours and not being allowed to eat dinner until 11pm last night!) is that I can’t/don’t want to run until after the baby is born in August.  So for now on I’ll stick with the following workouts: power-walking, cross-training (elliptical, stairmaster, bike), prenatal yoga, pilates and low-impact circuit workouts.  

Hopefully I can make it 10+ weeks of no running without going crazy! ;)

_ _ _ _

Alright, let’s move on to this week’s What I Ate Wednesday Monday!



 Every morning I struggle with the decision of a green smoothie or a yogurt bowl… Both are just so friggen good.  On Monday, I went with the yogurt bowl which included strawberry greek yogurt, a scoop of peanut butter, strawberries, blueberries and granola with an iced hazelnut coffee on the side.  Plus, the usual glass of water and prenatal vitamin.

Morning Snack

An apple + almond butter


 My FAVORITE Panera Bread salad…  the Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken salad (with apple chips on top).  


Marinated grilled chicken, corn on the cob and Mediterranean Chickpea Salad (<– you guys have to try this recipe! It’s such a flavorful, delicious, summer side dish!)


My evening ended with a fudge ENLIGHTENED ice-cream bar.  Somehow this bar has only 70 calories yet it still contains 8 grams of protein!?  They’re the perfect cure for a sweet tooth and will probably save me from OD’ing on unhealthy desserts during this pregnancy!

_ _ _ _ 

Any tips on how to stay sane without running? :)

What’s the best thing you ate today?

**Don’t forget to check out all the other WIAW posts over @ peas and crayons!


I’m baaaaaackkkkk!

Hi friends!

I almost retired from blogging but once again I really missed it and couldn’t wait to get back into the swing of things.  So what has happened since my last blog post almost 4 months ago!?

First off, Mike and I took off to Aruba and got married on November 2nd!

It was the most perfect vacation/wedding/honeymoon full of sun, sand, surf, and beer.  Lots & lots of Aruban beer.

If anyone is looking for a low-key, care-free, inexpensive, amazing way to get married, I highly recommend ‘eloping’ to Aruba (or any other beautiful island).  I say ‘eloping’ since technically we didn’t really elope; we planned it months ahead of time and made sure to tell our friends and family so no one would be too upset with us for taking off and doing the marriage thing by ourselves.

The other big, BIG thing that has happened over the past 4 months is that I’m PREGNANT!  We’re expecting the lil’ peanut around August 2nd.

And we’ll find out the sex in exactly 8 days….   Can’t wait!:)

Over the next few months I’ll share how I’m trying to stay in shape during this pregnancy (even though I’d much rather stay in bed and sleep all day (seriously when does my energy return??)) and how I’m also trying to eat healthier/ less-processed foods.  Besides my daily cravings for chocolate and sugar in general, I’ve maintained a fairly healthy lifestyle and I’m hoping it continues that way!

Speaking of wanting to sleep all day, I think it’s time to log off and take a little nap.  Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

Great way to start a Sunday?

Is doing yoga with a friend! Yesterday started with an 8am yoga class in Burlington with my friend, Jacki.  We did the ‘Align, Flow, Restore’ class and although it wasn’t my favorite, it was still really nice to start my morning off with a good stretch and some meditation.  After yoga we walked next door and grabbed iced coffee’s and hung-out for a bit.

Btw how cute is her headband?  I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have Jacki around so I can copy all of her fashion/outfits. :)

And then I hit the road to meet Mike for brunch at a new diner in town.  Which is a big deal since Mike always wants to go out for brunch and I’m always the Debbie Downer saying ‘nooo, I don’t feel like eating a lot of crap today, I just want something light at home…..  blah blah blah’.  For some reason, I associate brunch with greasy home fries, bacon, sausage, and egg sandwich carb overload.   In other words, a lot of crap.

But I knew the day would come when I’d have to be a good fiance and go out for brunch.  So I made plans to go yesterday knowing that it was right after yoga and I’d be feeling positive and strong and more apt to order something healthy off the menu.

I went with a spinach and feta egg white omelette with a side of fruit and it was delicious!  I didn’t even miss my beloved home fries!

I even practiced this ‘order healthier options’ will power later in the day while I was out shopping with my friend.   We stopped to grab a glass of wine and appetizer and instead of ordering the spinach artichoke dip like usual we went with a lighter option, the spicy tuna tartare.

Another awesome choice!!  Do you realize how good it feels to leave a restaurant and not feel bloated?!  

_ _ _ _ _

Workouts for the Week:

Monday: 3 mile run + core work

Tuesday: Morning yoga

Wednesday: Weekly 5K Road Race

Thursday: Cross-train (prob elliptical) + strength training

Friday: 5 mile run + core work

Saturday: Off (I’ll be in DC for the wknd!!)

Sunday: Off

_ _ _ _ _

Are you good at ordering healthier options?

Favorite brunch foods?

The Simple Stuff

Today I ran 10 miles, went to Starbucks, did a ‘lil shopping, and plopped around my house.  And although I didn’t do anything exciting, it was still a perfect day and just what I needed.   The last couple of weeks months have been really hectic for me so it’s always nice to have a day with no plans and no where to be.

I feel like we live in a world where we’re all so busy running around, over planning, and stressing out that we never take a moment to enjoy what we’re doing and just live in the moment.   Maybe it’s because I’ve been taking yoga and trying to mediate more often, but it’s making me realize that I need to live in the present and recognize the small and simple stuff that makes me happy.

And in order to do so, I made a list of things that make me happy:

Grabbing Starbucks and shopping outdoors.

Eating lunch in the backyard on a beautiful day.

Fun quotes!

Hanging with my boys: Mike…

and Rocky.

Everything Fall: scented candles, apple-picking, the foliage (love!), pumpkin coffee, pumpkin flavored foods….  etc.

Soaking in my last days of early morning runs.

Watching the Red Sox {especially when they make it to the playoffs!!}

1. – Being in Boston w/ friends, 2. – Home-made apple crisp with whipped cream on top, 3. – Trips to Southie that end with PS Coffee, 4. – $3 wine from Whole Foods

And YOGA!  Yoga makes me happy. :)

_ _ _ _ _ _

What simple stuff is making you happy?

It’s Apple Picking Time

Happy First Day of Fall! :)

Hmmm it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post??  Guess life has been busy lately which unfortunately means blogging is put on the back burner.  But I’m back so let’s start catching up.


The plan was to head out for a good run – maybe 8 miles or so but within the first 10 minutes I knew that plan was out the window.  I just couldn’t get into a groove and ended up running around the lake and stopping after 3 miles.  I don’t know if it was my new sneakers or what but my legs just felt really freakin’ heavy and did not want to move. 

After my ‘run’, I walked over to the Farmer’s Market and picked up a fresh loaf of whole grain bread.  I wanted to buy more but only had $6 in cash so bread was my top choice for the day.  I used the bread to make tasty tuna melts with sliced apples on the side (<—I’m trying to eat more fruits/veggies!)

The bread was def the highlight of this meal.

About an hour later, Mike and I headed up to Hampton Falls, NH to go apple picking. This is one of those activities that we always want to do and talk about doing but never actually do it…   but not this year!  We decided to check out AppleCrest since a couple of friends have raved about the amount of apple trees, delicious glazed donuts, and hot apple cider. 

The place was great but it was also a mad house.  

I guess that’s what happens when you go on the most gorgeous Saturday afternoon (70’s and sunny!!) in the peak of apple picking season?  We bought a large bag for $30 and picked as many apples as we could.

After filling up our bag, we contemplated between waiting in a crazy ass line for donuts/cider or hit the road and grab a pumpkin beer somewhere else.  And pumpkin beer was the winner!  So we stopped at Danversport Yacht Club on our way home and ordered Shipyard pumpkin beers with an order of crab cakes and cheese and crackers.   

And damnnnn, I love the cinnamon, sugared rim with a pumpkin beer!  But since pumpkin beers are not the healthiest options (185 calories each!), I only ordered 1 and then switch over to a glass of white wine.

Seriously, if we were to ever have a wedding and not elope, this would be the perfect place to do it.  The views were fantastic!  I’m sure it’s also a lot of $$$$ so thankfully we’re eloping ;)

_ _ _ _ _

Somehow I got a second wind around 7:30pm (which if you know me, is pretty close to my bedtime) and ended up making 2 apple crisp’s – one for us and one for Mike’s dad & stepmom.  I searched online for a recipe and went with this one which looked easy and also had great reviews.  I haven’t tried the apple crisp yet but I’ll have some tonight and let you know if the recipe is a good one or not!

OK, time to pay attention to the Pat’s game.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Quick Weekend Recap and a Confession.

Hi guys!  Happy Sunday!

Let’s quickly catch up………


Mike and I checked out new restaurant down the street, The Yard House.  It was such a fun place filled with more draft beers then I’ve ever seen in my life but what did I decide to order?  Oh, just one too many glasses of wine, oppsie. ;)  Def going with the beer next time.   I can tell this will be a happening place during football season. 


I was up and at at 6:15 for an early morning yoga workout.  I drove 20 minutes to the studio, filled out the new student paper work, and walked in all excited to get my ‘om’ on.  Welp, that idea went out the window as soon as I realized it was a HOT yoga class….   ughhh wtf?!  So I headed back home, changed into running attire and went out for a slow 3 mile run and then did a 30 minute online yoga workout (btw, the yoga video was really lame….  still working on finding a good online video)

After my workout, Mike and I drove to Westport to hangout with my friends for the day.  We packed up their ‘lil (but awesome) boat and drove a couple of minutes to Boat Beach where we spent the afternoon grillin’ and chillin’.

Oh and drinkin’ a bunch of beers.  Not the best idea the day before a long run but sometimes you just have to have fun and not worry about marathon training.  Right? (Side note: it was not the best idea – my long run sucked)


Once again, I was up at 6:15 so I could head to Southie for my long run of the week.  The plan was to run 17 miles but that didn’t happen.  My calfs, achillies, knee’s, and right hip were all really bothering me so I finally gave in and stopped after 13 miles.  I really couldn’t even move so I’m not exactly sure how I’ll run 26.2 miles in a month but I’ll just worry about that later. :)

_ _ _ _ _ 

And my confession….

I feel like I’ve been a fake lately.  I preach about healthy, clean eating and making the right food choices but lately that’s really been the last thing on my mind.  Instead I’ve been eating a lot of CRAP.  And it’s left me feeling like CRAP.  Literally.  I was up Friday night with a stomach ache from eating greasy take-out earlier in the day and last night I was up again with a stomach ache from eating potato chips, 2 hot dogs, pasta salad, too many beers, and oh more chips.  And it’s not just this weekend where I’ve displayed 0 will power, it’s been happening a lot lately.

So what will I do about it?  It’s simple; I’m gonna cut the shit out of my diet.  I’m sick of being up all night with stomach issue’s and feeling bloated so I’m actually really looking forward to feeling healthier again.   First up, included a trip to the grocery store today to stock up on some healthy eats.  Here’s what I got:

  • salad stuff for my lunches (romaine lettuce, chickpeas, sprouts, green beans, shredded carrots and chicken) 
  • carrot sticks
  • roasted red pepper hummus
  • broccoli
  • green beans
  • strawberries
  • apples
  • dozen eggs <— cage-free!
  • greek yogurt
  • low-fat cottage cheese w/ chives
  • low-fat granola
  • fat-free microwave popcorn
  • tuna fish
  • lara bars
  • trail mix
  • frozen whole wheat waffles
  • almond butter

As long as I have healthy foods around the house, it’s easier to stick with a clean diet.  I hope! :)

_ _ _ _ _ _ 

OK, so I really need a good online yoga video…  ANY SUGGESTIONS?! :)

Do you also need to get back on the healthy band wagon?

Gotta love free yoga classes.

So far this long weekend has been nice & relaxing which is just what I needed!


Mike and I were up and at it at 6am so we could head to the Cape and beat the holiday traffic.  We stopped at the Sagamore Bridge for a very slow 4 mile run {the humidity levels were crazzzzy} and then continued on to my mom’s house.  The original plan was to chill at the beach all day but since it was crappy weather we skipped the beach and went out for lunch instead.

And after our Mexican lunch, we continued our lil’ drink fest down the street @ Baxters Fish & Chips… 

And needless to say, it was an early night for both of us.


And this afternoon I did something really fun and took a free outdoor yoga class! I was a bit hesitant to go alone especially since I’m new to yoga but I sucked it up and just went for it. 

Wow, I need to work on my form….  and my tan!  Yikes!

The class {which was hosted by the store Athleta} was held at ‘the greens’ @ Market Street in Lynnfield.  It had been raining off and on all day so I’m sure people thought the class was cancelled but I decided to show up anyways and if it was cancelled I was just gonna go shopping. :)  

Welp, I was the only one there; my biggest fear.  I’m always nervous when an instructor can see what I’m doing {or not doing} but the instructor today was really nice and went over the basic moves with me.  About 10-15 minutes later, 2 more ladies showed up and we all had a great workout together.  Since it was only 3 of us, the instructor was able to correct our forms, explain different poses, and make sure we were all comfortable with the poses.  It was such a fun experience and I can’t wait to try out their next class in 2 weeks!

I also stopped over at Lululemon right before the class and noticed they had flyers for their free weekly yoga sessions too!  So many free yoga classes!  

***So all my North Shore peeps, let’s meet up on the Lynnfield Commons and do yoga on Monday nights!!  Who’s in??

_ _ _ _ _ _

Workouts for the Week:

(Loosely based off this marathon training plan)

Monday: 16 mile run <— this is a carry over from last week’s long run…

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 5 mile run

Thursday: 8 mile run

Friday: 4 mile run + core work

Saturday: Yoga 

Sunday: 17 mile run 

_ _ _ _ 

Alright, time to log off and make some healthy home-made Banana Coconut Bread.  Stay tuned for the recipe! 

Have a great night, everyone!