Five Things Friday

Hello, hello!  Let’s jump right into ‘Five Things Friday’….

1. – As you know, I’ve been obsessed with fresh pineapple and going through 2-3 a week!  Thankfully a whole pineapple costs only $2.99 and it’s super healthy so I’m OK with this obsession {now my out-of-control chocolate obsession is a whole different story}.

 Besides the amazing flavor, do you wanna know why pineapples are so awesome?

health benefits of pineapple

2. –  For the past few weeks, I’ve had the hardest time sleeping at night.  It’s partly due to insomnia and part because my cat tries to sleep on my head.  The cat I can’t really do anything about but for the insomnia I’m hoping that if I read for an hour before bed it’ll help calm my mind.  Does this trick work for anyone?

summer beach ready

I started ‘Beautiful Day’ the other night, ‘Orphan Train’ is the July pick for my Book Club and the other two books look like fun, summer reads. :)

3. – We’re in the final countdown…  baby Doyle is due in only 5 weeks!!  I feel like we’re fairly ready for the baby but still have so much to do.  I know you can never be fully prepared for a baby but I’m hoping to finish up some more things on our to-do-list before the little one arrives.  First up, is to actually write out a to-do-list. ;)  

As for classes, we’ve already taken the ‘Baby 101’ class, the ‘Birthing’ class and hospital tour but we still have the ‘Infant CPR & First-Aid’ class and I have a breast-feeding class in July.  And we need to install the car seat {and have it checked by the fire department}, finish the nursery, buy more baby supplies, etc.  Maybe I’ll write a post on our ‘Baby TDL’?

4. –  I’m still keeping up with my 10,000 steps a day!  I’d say 90% of the time I’d rather drive home and chillax after work but I force myself out for power-walk and always feel a million times better once I’m done.  

Yesterday’s walk was a really peaceful one…  

It was just me, the baby bump, a little reggae music on Pandora and a hilly, 3 mile loop in the woods.

5. –  I’ve been really slacking with my dinner’s lately but on a good note, I’ve been eating more Panera Bread.  I’ve been a huge fan of Panera for years and even worked there during college.  Last night’s dinner included the delicious ‘Strawberry Chicken Poppyseed Salad’ + a glass of water with frozen strawberries. 

And I also enjoyed a big ol’ chocolate chip cookie after dinner…   Perfect dinner for 1, right? 

_ _ _ _

Happy Friday, everyone! :)



  1. I had a very similar salad yesterday for lunch. never tried poppyseed dressing before but I liked it! It was refreshing and summery :) TGIF!!

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