Currently I’m….

Good morning and happy Friday!  Hope the weekend forecast in your area is as gorgeous as it’ll be in Boston!  Too bad I’ll be at birthing classes on Saturday & Sunday but I’ll definitely get out and enjoy the sunny weather after the class.  Maybe a late-afternoon trip to the beach followed by a BBQ in the yard?

Alright, let’s jump into a ‘Currently I’m… ‘ blog post.  I’ve seen similar ones around the blog world and figured I’d do one myself.  

Currently I’m…. 

Eating….   As I’m typing, I’m eating a Luna bar but in general I’m eating lots of sweets.  Fresh fruits {mainly pineapple & organic strawberries}, dark chocolate, ice-cream bars…


Drinking….   A home-made iced-coffee with almond milk.  So good!

Reading….   A bunch of fun blogs & magazines {Parents magazine, Runners World & US Weekly}.  As for books, my Book Club just selected Orphan Train as our July book so I’ll start that as soon as I pick up a copy.

Obsessing over….  Everything at JCrew Kids and Pottery Barn Kids.  I used a gift card yesterday and picked up some items at PBK’s for the nursery including this adorable elephant mobile…

elephant mobile

and this tote bag (without a monogram):

diaper bag

We already have a SkipHop diaper bag so I’m thinking I’ll use this as a daycare bag? :)

Watching….   Not a lot, actually.  I just finished catching-up on Scandal (obsessed!) and now I’m just watching The Real Housewives and some other not-so-great shows.  I’m also giving Season 1 of ‘Orange is the New Black’ another chance but (don’t hate me here) I’m not loving it…

Listening to….  Pandora.  Currently I’m jammin’ out to Jack Johnson, Slightly Stoopid, Coldplay & Dave Mathews stations.  I’m hoping the mellow music will help produce a happy, chill baby.  That’s how it works, right? ;)

Recommending….   1) Everyone go buy a pedometer.  Seriously, it’s such a good investment – my Fitbit gets me off my butt and out for a walk on a daily basis.  


And 2) Everyone watch the documentary ‘Vegucated’.  I’ll admit I still haven’t finished it since I kept crying at the scenes with animal abuse but I’ll finish it this weekend. {PS it’s available on Netflix}

Loving….    Everything CORAL!  Nail polish, jewelry, shirts, sundresses, diaper bags…

Feeling….   Excited/tired.  Excited that I’m only a few weeks away from meeting my little girl but I’m definitely feeling tired from my lack of sleep at night.

Craving….   Besides a bunch of cold, summer beers?  I’m also craving this delicious No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake.   How amazing does this look?!


Looking forward to….   Meeting my baby…  Just 6 weeks to go!!!  I’m also looking forward to a few upcoming trips to the Cape including the 4th of July weekend.  That’s the weekend my whole family gets together for our annual ‘Totten Lobster Fest’!  Oh boy… 

_ _ _ _

So what are YOU currently….

 Watching? Reading? Craving? Looking forward to? 



  1. I love this post! For me currently I am watching: pretty much nothing after scandal!! Reading: Stronger about the Boston Marathon Bombing Craving: more morning workouts! and Looking forward to all of the sunshine this weekend as well as engagment pics on Sunday :) This post reminded me that I meant to get a few new pieces of summer-y jewls for my pics.

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