What Motivates You?

As part of the 30 Day of Summer Photo Challenge, today’s question was…

‘Monday Motivation.  What Motivates You?’

I thought of numerous things that motivate me but as of the last 8 months my main motivating factor is to have a fit & healthy pregnancy.  

baby bump

Baby bump and I after a 3 mile power-walk this afternoon… 

Not only does working-out make me a much more positive, happy person but it can also help with labor/delivery and more importantly it’s extremely beneficial for little baby Doyle.  How can you not workout after knowing you’re helping your baby? :)  And here are my other ‘Top Motivators’ to get my butt in gear…

1. – My Fitbit. I told myself that I’d walk 10,000 steps a day/6 days a week and since I’m super competitive with myself, it means I have to do it.  No excuses; just do it!  If you don’t want to pay the $$$ for a Fitbit, any pedometer will do the trick.

2. – Signing Up For A Race. This one always works especially when I’m training for a half-marathon.  I can’t even count the amount of days that I went out for a run on a freezing, snowy afternoon or on a super hot & muggy summer morning.  If there’s a race on the horizon, then there’s training that needs to be done! (so hardcore, huh? ;))

Gearing up for a cold, winter run…

3. – A Workout Buddy.  This a win, win situation.  You have to workout if someone is waiting for you and a workout buddy makes everything more enjoyable. 

4. – Doing An Activity You LOVE.  Back when I lived in Southie, I was right down the street from an awesome boxing gym and loved being able to workout there.  I didn’t even question setting my alarm for 5 am since I knew how much fun I’d have at the 5:30 boxing class.  My new love (besides running) is ‘barre & soul’. :)

5. – Signing Up Online For A Workout Class.  Even though I love yoga and barre, there have been occasions when I really just didn’t wanna go…   but on the other hand, there’s no way I could bail on a class that cost me $15 so I sucked it up and went.  And surprise, surprise, I always left the class feeling a million times better. 

6. – Positive Mantras. I’m a little obsessed with positive workout mantras but that’s A-OK with me.  I just head over to my ‘Motivation’ board on Pinterest and read a few mantras to get me amped-up for a workout.

7. – Bikini Season! Just the thought of being in a bikini in a few weeks or months is enough to get me to the gym or out for a hard, sweaty run. 

8. – Treating Myself. On days (pre-pregnancy) when I didn’t want to workout, I’d tell myself, ‘if you just finish a quick speed workout or hill repeats then you can have a glass or 2 of wine!’  And it worked.  I’d go for a quick 30 minute run and stop at the liquor store on my way home. If wine doesn’t motivate ya, you could always treat yourself with a pedicure, frozen yogurt, a new workout outfit, etc.


_ _ _ _

So tell me…   what motivates YOU?


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