Link Loving Friday

It’s Fridayyyy!!!

 Ha, yup story of my life.  Actually, I can’t wait to take it easy tonight and just run a few errands, work-out then plop on the couch with some take-out & Netflix. :)

I haven’t even done anything out of the norm this week yet I feel so drained…   Maybe this is what happens when you’re 33 weeks pregnant?  I just spent the week working, working-out (gotta get 10,000 steps a day!), and getting stuff ready for the baby, including her nursery.  Oh, and speaking of the nursery, it’s almost finished!  We ordered this glider and ottoman (in the natural/beige shade) from and put it together last night.  It fits the little space perfectly and so far it feels really comfortable.   We have a few more things to pick-up and then we’ll be done! :)

Alright, and now onto the links!  Here’s what I’m loving this week….



This Bali Banana Date Smoothie looks delicious! I really need to start adding dates to my smoothies!

Here’s a great list of 15+ healthy summer recipes.

A lemon poppy seed cake is perfect for brunch w/ your friends this weekend.

Looking for a healthy pizza alternative?

These gluten-free peanut butter cookies look amazing and they’re under 100 calories each!

Opps, I refrigerate about 80% of these items…  11 foods you shouldn’t ever refrigerate.

_ _ _ _



Here’s a quick and intense 2 week total-body challenge to get you bathing-suit ready!

I need to start doing the one-minute bikini butt lift ASAP.

 _ _ _ _



 So this might not fall under the ‘fun’ category for everyone but I have a crazy obsession with organizing :)  Here’s a list of favorite organization ideas.

Well it’s wedding season!  Wanna know how to dress for weddings?

Here’s a great month-by-month guide on the best time to buy everything.  Apparently we should be stocking up on lingerie and dishware this month…  Who knew?

Somehow Mike and I kill all our houseplants (no lie) but maybe we’ll do better with these 7 unique non-toxic houseplants?

And lastly here’s how to get soft, sandal-ready feet for the summer.

_ _ _ _

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! ;)



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