32 Weeks

How far along? 32 weeks.  Just 8 weeks to go!

Baby Size: The size of a Florida Pomelo {I’ve actually never heard of a pomelo before?}  and close to 18 inches long and about 4 lbs 

Total weight gain: 22 lbs

Maternity clothes? Maternity pants, skirts and a few maternity shirts.  As you can see in the pic’ above, my bump has definitely grown over the past few weeks so it’s time I stock up on maternity tops!  I’ll probably hit up Gap and Old Navy since they have the best maternity clothes.

Sleep: is OK – some nights are better than others.  

Miss Anything?  Fun/summery beers, wine and running.  

Movement: Yep, lots of kicks and wiggles. 

Best moments this week: We finally purchased book shelves @ Ikea and hung them up in the nursery, yay!

And the other best moment was enjoying a day-date with Mike yesterday afternoon… 

It was perfect weather – 80’s & sunny – so we headed to Danvers Yacht Club and relaxed on the patio with some app’s and drinks…   I had a few sips of delicious white wine then switched over to water while Mike enjoyed his dirty martini’s.  Have I mentioned I can’t wait to drink alcohol again?? ;)

Food cravings: Same as the last few months…   tons of ice, cold water, fresh fruit, smoothies and chocolate of any kind.

strawberry water

I also started adding fresh & frozen fruits to my water to mix it up.  Frozen pineapples are my favorite with strawberries in second place…  :)

Food aversions: Not really

Gender: Girl

Symptoms: Just shortness of breath and some hip/joint pains when I get up too fast. 

Looking forward to: Book Club on Thursday, meeting a friend in the city for dinner on Friday night and our ‘Baby 101 and Safety’ class on Saturday!  I’m actually pretty excited for this free all-day class.  Mike and I both know the very basics of babysitting so it’ll be really helpful to learn not only baby CPR and first-aid, but also how to swaddle a baby {which I hear is *key* to a good nights sleep} and all the other do’s and don’ts of parenting.  

Workouts: I went for a 3 mile power-walk 6 times last week and I did a bunch of lunges and push-ups after my walks but that’s about it.  I was pooped from my seasonal allergies so my workouts were pretty low-key & lame.  But on a positive note, I did walk at least 10K steps everyday!  I swear, wearing a pedometer really motivates me to get up and walk more often.

And to make up for my lack of exercise last week, I’m planning on adding a few circuit workouts and prenatal yoga videos to my workout schedule this week. :)

Hope you’re all having a relaxing Sunday evening! 



  1. Wish I could see that baby bump :( miss you! LOVE the book shelves. Well done mama!

  2. So exciting, Julie! I can’t believe how close you are getting… 8 more weeks! They’ll fly by! Do you have a name picked out yet? Can’t watch to see photos of the little pumpkin!! (Or pomelo? Haha!). Also, I’m not even close to pregnant and I have insane chocolate cravings… always!!

  3. Linda Govostes-ONeil says:

    I am happy to see you have a book called “Farts” for your daughter. LMAO

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