National Running Day & WIAW #23

Happy National Runner’s Day!!!

Although I won’t be able to partake in today’s running festivities {due to the whole ‘falling while pregnant incident‘ a few weeks ago}, I’ll make sure to get out and power-walk this afternoon and pretend I’m on a glorious, heart-pounding, intense, long run!  Damnnnn I miss running…  

For all of of you who can run today, I hope you have an awesome time!!



_ _ _ _

Not only is it National Runner’s Day but it’s also What I Ate Wednesday.  Here’s a look into what I ate yesterday….. 



You’ve seen this breakfast many many times on my WIAW posts since it’s one of my favorites!  Yesterday I had vanilla greek yogurt, strawberries, GoLean Crisp cereal + a scoop of almond butter.  And I followed it up with a glass of home-made iced coffee. 

Morning Snack

Grapes + strawberries


A salad with mixed lettuce, spinach, shaved carrots, chickpeas, cucumbers, red peppers, crumbled feta cheese, grilled chicken + light ranch dressing.

Not too long after I finished lunch, my sweet tooth kicked in.  So I had a piece of my baby shower cake….  and yes, it was kinda weird eating the piece with my face on it! ;)

Late Afternoon ‘Snack’


really intended on trying a new recipe from my ever-growing assortment on Pinterest, but by the time I got home from my power-walk, I was just too exhausted to prepare much for dinner.  This has actually been happening to me a lot during this pregnancy, ugh.  So instead I quickly whipped up mustard planko chicken, steamed broccoli w/ a wedge of Laughing Cow’s light swiss cheese + sweet potato fries.  Not the most exciting dinner but hey, it still tasted great! 

_ _ _ _

Are you going to celebrate National Runner’s Day? :)

What’s the best thing you ate or will eat today?



  1. I WISH I could celebrate running day! But I’m taking a week off from finishing track season! All of your eats look sooo yummy. I’m the same way – I have so many things on Pinterest but I never make them!

  2. ChickGettinFit says:

    Your breakfast looks so delicious! Actually all your food does :)

  3. All of the meals look great! Especially that breakfast :) Celebrated National Running Day with 8 miles this morning bright and early at 7:30am..woop :)

  4. A really nice day of eats!

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