No More Running & WIAW #21

I was so excited to write a post last night and discuss my workouts lately and what it’s like to be fit & active at 29 weeks pregnant.  I was going to tell you guys about my much-needed prenatal yoga class last Saturday morning, my workouts from the Pilates Summer Series Challenge and share my recent walk/jogs…

Buuuut then I fell while ‘running’ last night.  I wasn’t going very fast but it was still a painful fall and I landed right onto my knee and elbow.  I don’t think I fell on my stomach but I called my doctor and she had me check-in to the labor/delivery section of the hospital just to be on the safe side.

So the nurses hooked me up to a monitor and kept me there overnight (in my running clothes) to make sure the baby was alright.

THANKFULLY, baby Doyle is doing great and I feel fine!! :):):) The only down-side (besides being in a hospital for 24 hours and not being allowed to eat dinner until 11pm last night!) is that I can’t/don’t want to run until after the baby is born in August.  So for now on I’ll stick with the following workouts: power-walking, cross-training (elliptical, stairmaster, bike), prenatal yoga, pilates and low-impact circuit workouts.  

Hopefully I can make it 10+ weeks of no running without going crazy! ;)

_ _ _ _

Alright, let’s move on to this week’s What I Ate Wednesday Monday!



 Every morning I struggle with the decision of a green smoothie or a yogurt bowl… Both are just so friggen good.  On Monday, I went with the yogurt bowl which included strawberry greek yogurt, a scoop of peanut butter, strawberries, blueberries and granola with an iced hazelnut coffee on the side.  Plus, the usual glass of water and prenatal vitamin.

Morning Snack

An apple + almond butter


 My FAVORITE Panera Bread salad…  the Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken salad (with apple chips on top).  


Marinated grilled chicken, corn on the cob and Mediterranean Chickpea Salad (<– you guys have to try this recipe! It’s such a flavorful, delicious, summer side dish!)


My evening ended with a fudge ENLIGHTENED ice-cream bar.  Somehow this bar has only 70 calories yet it still contains 8 grams of protein!?  They’re the perfect cure for a sweet tooth and will probably save me from OD’ing on unhealthy desserts during this pregnancy!

_ _ _ _ 

Any tips on how to stay sane without running? :)

What’s the best thing you ate today?

**Don’t forget to check out all the other WIAW posts over @ peas and crayons!




  1. Oh no Julie!! Be safe!! Sorry you fell!

    Those chocolate ice cream bars look amazing!!

  2. thank goodness everything is OK! I’m up for power walks and spin classes whenever!! :)

  3. Karen H says:

    Oh, that is so scary! Glad baby is doing well.
    I’m 28 wks, and was in a car accident 3 weeks ago that sent me to L&D for monitoring. Those monitors were so reassuring. I look forward to reading about your fit & active pregnancy sans running! I’m not sure how many weeks of running I have left, and I like the ideas and inspiration from your other workouts.

    • Hi Karen- Oh, wow, a car accident must have been really scary! Hope everything is great with you and the baby! I’ll definitely share all of my non-running workouts over the next 10 weeks of this pregnancy :)

  4. Katrien Bonduelle says:

    That’s scary, stay safe Julie!

  5. ranchcookie says:

    So glad you are ok! My tips for getting through without running (due to an injury), just embrace the workouts you can do! I had an ache in my leg for months so I decided that I would take a couple months off of running, at first I hated the elliptical and the bike but after awhile I had fun with it, sometimes mixing it up can be so nice :)

  6. Linda Govostes-ONeil says:

    WOW…..I didn’t realize that you went thru all of that. YIKES!!! Glad all is well. You sure LOOK great any way!


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