Clean Fifteen vs. Dirty Dozen

With the Summer quickly approaching and fresh fruits and veggies popping up everywhere (Hello Farmer’s Markets!:)), I figured it’s a good time to discuss which fruits and veggies are worth buying organic vs. which ones are not.  The pretty chart below (courtesy of Pinterest & this website) will sum it all up for you guys… 

Clean 15 = No Need For Organic (clean, clean, clean)

Dirty Dozen = Buy Organic!

We definitely don’t buy all of the ‘dirty dozen’ items as organic at the Doyle household but this is something I really want to change.  ‘You are what you eat’…  so I need to stop putting pesticide-ridden foods into my body and really focus on clean eating. :)

And if you’re like me and have a hard time spending $$$ on organic or just finding organic foods in general, you should check out the freezer sections at the grocery store.  Buying frozen fruits and veggies is a step-up from buying canned and they may even be fresher and better tasting than the produce section! 

_ _ _ _

Which foods do you buy organic?




  1. This is really helpful, thanks! And thanks, Pinterest!

  2. Melissa says:

    Thank you, this is really helpful!

  3. I shop predominantly at WF and Harvest Coop, but since Wegman’s opened up I am buying way more things organic. It’s way more affordable in comparison, and they also have a great selection.

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