28 Weeks… Hello Third Trimester!

28 Weeks

How far along? 28 weeks + 2 days

Baby Size: The size of a coconut – 16 inches long and 2.5 lbs

Total weight gain: 18-19 lbs

Maternity clothes? Maternity pants and wearing mostly pre-prego tops.  In the pic’ above I’m wearing maternity skinny jeans and a maternity tank top from Old Navy (with a regular shirt on top).

Sleep: Varies…  I’m getting up 1-2x a night for the bathroom and just tossing & turning in general. 

Best moment this week: Passing the glucose test (woohooo!) and going out to lunch & shopping with my mom.  Oh! Annnnnd getting this adorable bathing suit from my mom for baby Doyle!  Isn’t it the cutest ‘lil thing?!

Miss Anything? The warmer weather makes me really miss all the fun, tasty summer beers…    but on a positive note, I’ll still be able to enjoy them in August & September!

summer beer

Movement: All the time!

Food cravings: Can’t get enough fresh fruits (pineapple(!!), grapefruit, strawberries, grapes…), chocolate & iced, cold water. 

Food aversions: Not really. 

Gender: GIRL.  And we’re about 85% sure we have a name!

Symptoms: Yep, I become winded so easily now – even a flight of stairs leaves me out of breath.

Workouts: Nothing too crazy in the workout world last week.  I managed to squeeze in 6 days of walk/jogs, some at-home circuit training and a great prenatal yoga class Saturday morning.

(Last Thursday’s 3 mile walk/jog)

Looking forward to: The warm weather this week – it’s going to be in the 80’s today!  I’m also looking forward to gardening and assembling our flower window boxes next weekend. 

Enjoy your Monday!  Well as much as you can for a Monday…  ;-)



  1. Love love love that tiny little swimsuit! How cute!! You look great by the way! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to meet your little girl!

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