Wanna Walk?

Happy Friday, friends!

Although the last few days have been rainy and chilly in Boston, the forecast for this weekend is looking bright and beautiful!  Which means it’s the perfect time to get out of the house and get moving!!  I’m going to attempt another run this afternoon but if the baby isn’t feelin’ it then I’ll switch over to a power-walk.  And as much as I miss a hard, sweaty run, I’m finally starting to look forward to my power-walks.  It’s just so much easier motivating myself to go for a simple walk rather than mentally & physically gearing up for a run.  Seriously, for a walk you just throw on your sneakers and you’re good to go! 

Want a few reasons why YOU should be walking?

Not only is it a chance to enjoy the fresh air while getting a little bit of sunshine but there’s lots of health benefits as well, including… 

Let’s make it a goal to get out and walk for at least 45 minutes this weekend!  Who’s with me? :)

Have a great weekend!



  1. I’m with ya! 30 minutes done! :)

  2. I walked for way more than 45 minutes around the (outside) mall yesterday. I love walking and when I was on meds and couldn’t run for 6 months, I walked intervals the entire time. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

  3. Love this! Ever since my ankle injury about a month and a half ago I’ve ditched running (most days) for walking, and while at first it was torture and upsetting, now I have really started to enjoy it and actually love it!! It is tranquil and it feels good to be so kind to my joints ;) but I am still a yoga gal at heart, so that is the exercise that wins me over most days!! Hope you had a great weekend.

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