WIAW #18: Veggin’ It Up With Green Juice

Hello, hello!

Do you know what’s the best part about my ‘Veg it Up’ April challenge??  Not only has it made eating veggies on a daily basis more routine but it’s also motivated me to finally break out my juicer!  I was pumped when I received the juicer as a wedding gift and thought I’d use it every day but somehow it spent the past 5 months packed away in the cabinet.  Well not anymore!  The juicer came out of hibernation yesterday and will be a part of my life, finally!  Now all I have to do is make sure to stock up on juicing ingredients – spinach, kale, cucumbers, celery, lemon, ginger, etc. – whenever I’m at the grocery store.

Let’s jump right into the What I Ate Wednesday shenanigans, shall we?  

wiaw serve up an extra cup button



Trader Joe’s ‘Flax & Oats’ instant oatmeal + peanut butter + strawberries.  Followed up with a glass of iced, half-decaf coffee w/ almond milk.

Morning Snack

Pineapple Green Juice

A delicious Pineapple Green Juice….

pumpkin bread

with a piece of home-made pumpkin bread + peanut butter.


A ham, egg & cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread with a fresh fruit on the side.


Yep, I was too lazy to cook a real dinner but this was still a really, really good meal!  I enjoyed American Flatbread frozen pizza (which is hands down my favorite frozen pizza…  you guys really need to try it!) and some frozen mixed veggies. I also went back for more pizza after taking this pic’ (for the baby, obviously ;)).


And I ended the night with a Weight Watchers chocolate cookies & cream ice cream bar.

_ _ _ _

Are you a fan of green juice?

What’s your ‘go-to’ lazy dinner?




  1. Can’t ever go with a frozen pizza for a quick and delicious meal. I usually scramble up eggs & veggie when I’m short on time or just not in the mood to really cook.

  2. I love my Breville juicer, but for some reason I don’t use it as often anymore. Maybe because I am doing more smoothies…I don’t know! But this post makes me want to break it back out again!

    Visiting from the WIAW linkup. Hope you are having a great week!

  3. You knowww I love the green juice aspect of this post!! And the taking more pizza for baby, obvi. I was going to say props for only having two slices haha, I always find that nearly impossible!! And your pumpkin bread with peanut butter seriously looks delicious. Xoxox

  4. I’ve never tried juicing! I’d love to though! My go to dinner is either avocado toast, or scrambled eggs! Or ya know, pizza, if I feel like ordering :)

  5. I am a fan of green juices but only certain ones haha, they have to have fruit to sweeten it up or yuck!
    That dessert looks amazing anything cookies and cream is for me! In fact I plan on having a cookies and cream quest bar this afternoon for my pick me up at work :)

    • Yup, definitely need fruit to make a green juice taste better! That’s why I added a lot of pineapple to my juice yesterday. :)

      Do you like the Quest bars?? I’ve only tried one and it was really hard to eat (I thought my tooth was going to break!)

  6. I’ll probably be ex-communicated from blogging but I find green juices just….unappealing, to say the least. I’d prefer to just have a salad or something. My go-to lazy dinner is pasta, frozen broccoli, and sauce – I always have the ingredients and it always fills me up. Comfort food!

  7. Yum! The green juice looks delicious! I

  8. Those ice cream bars are SO GOOD!!!

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