A Veggie Challenge + WIAW #15

I definitely eat my fair share of fruits but not so much when it comes to vegetables.  So in an effort to eat more veggies and (spring) clean up my diet, I’m going to make April my ‘Veg it Up’ month!  This means I’ll make an effort to eat and drink more veggies on a daily basis.  This could be in the form of a tasty green smoothie for breakfast, a healthy salad for lunch or some fresh grilled veggies for dinner.  I’m hoping that by the end of the month, this whole ‘veggie’ thing will become part of my regular routine!

Anyone else wanna join me and ‘Veg It Up’ this April? :)

_ _ _ _

Alright, now let’s get into this week’s What I Ate Wednesday Saturday! 

What I Ate Wednesday: Love Your Veggies


Green smoothie with spinach, a frozen banana, frozen strawberries, almond butter and almond milk.

And an iced, almond milk latte with a dash of cinnamon…  sooooo good!

Morning snack

A banana + a scoop of almond butter 


A grilled cheese, avocado sandwich + an apple on the side.

Afternoon snack

Strawberry greek yogurt topped with dark chocolate chips and a crumbled 4 ingredient cookie.


A big ol’ salad with grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette dressing on top.  I also added a few crushed ‘soy & flaxseed’ tortilla chips to the salad for the ‘crunch’ factor (which btw, are so much healthier/tastier than croutons :))


My day ended on a good note with a handful of dark chocolate chips + a bunch of Godiva truffles. :)

And that’s what I ate last Saturday.  Surprisingly, I had quit a few veggies (green smoothie + a salad) but that’s only because I was making up for all the cake and ice-cream I consumed the day before.  

_ _ _ _ 

Thanks Jenn for hosting the weekly WIAW paaaarty!



  1. Your salad bowl looks ridiculously good & like you said, filled with many vegetables. May have to recreate something similar.

  2. Welcome to Mommyhood says:

    Your salad looks amazing! Yumm! I’m going to have to try later this week :)

  3. You’re a woman after my own heart. Just this week, I began having a green smoothie (Kimberly Snyder’s recipe) before breakfast, and it gives me so much energy! Especially crucial when I can’t have coffee because of baby. And I love banana with almond (or peanut) butter… best snack ever! ;)


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