22 Weeks

How far along: 22 weeks and 2 days 

Baby Size: A corn on the cob

Total weight gain: About 12 lbs

Maternity clothes: Yep, wearing (and loving!) maternity pants.  Seriously, I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to regular pants again.  And I’m still squeezing into my regular shirts but I’m guessing that won’t last too much longer.

Sleep: Sleep is great except I keep waking up around 4:30 and can’t fall back asleep.

Best moment this week: Being able to walk down to our basement to use our new treadmill.  I’ve spent years, YEARS, driving to the gym just to use a treadmill so having one in our basement is amazing!!

Miss anything: Wine, beer, wine, beer, wine, beer…. 

Food cravings: Still craving sweets like a crazy women – lots of fruits (fresh & frozen), chocolate, ice cream and Easter candy.  

Food aversions: Oddly enough, just brussel sprouts.  I used to love them but since becoming pregnant I’ve had to keep my fair distance.

Movement: I think I felt a little flutter this morning? 

Pregnancy symptoms: Feeling pretty good overall (knock on wood!)

Gender: Girl

Workouts: Ugh, this is a sour subject for me right now.  For some reason my stomach kept cramping during my runs last week so my workouts included a lot of walking intervals.  I’m hoping (and sending positive thoughts out to the world :)) that this cramping thing is just a phase and won’t last too long.  Did anyone else experience stomach cramps while running during their pregnancy??

Here’s a quick recap of my workouts:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: Off (I felt kinda blah and didn’t want to workout)
Wednesday:  3 mile jog on the treadmill + this workout:

Also, ab exercises are getting a little more uncomfortable so I skipped the mountain climbers and held the planks for about 45 seconds each.
Thursday: 3 mile walk/jog on the treadmill + a prenatal yoga workout from YouTube
Friday: 4 mile walk/jog (mostly walking) on the ‘mill 

1 mile jog + 2 mile power-walk around the lake.  I was hoping to complete a 5 mile run but my stomach was really cramping up so I stopped after a mile and walked the rest of the loop.  I also did a bunch of push-ups & tricep dips on the park bench.

What I am looking forward to: Even though it was sleeting rain this morning, the 5 day forecast shows temps in the 50’s this week!  Dare I say SPRING has arrived in Boston?!

Happy Monday, friends! :)



  1. So fun hearing about the progress! Of course it goes without saying that you miss wine, beer, and ME! xo

  2. Can I just say I hope I look as awesome as you when I’m pregnant?!

  3. You’re looking so cute! I’m just behind you at 20 weeks and can’t wait for my first wine and beer after baby comes… pumpkin beers (my favorite!) will be coming out shortly after, so I guess I timed that one right :)

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