(P)inspiration for the Nursery

I love home decor and I love baby stuff so planning our nursery has been a dream for me!  Shortly after we found out about baby Doyle, I started a secret nursery board on Pinterest and started ‘pinning’ away.  I pretty much knew what I wanted already but it was still fun checking out other nurseries and seeing what’s out there.  So while we slowly make progress on the room, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my idea’s with you guys!


We just painted the walls ‘Grey Owl’ by Benjamin Moore:

We’ll also add shades of yellow and soft pinks (not purple; so not a fan of purple) to the room.


I’ve always had a thing obsession with animals so we’ll make sure to add a bunch of animals to the room.  Especially elephants since they’re so freakin’ cute:


Ideally, I’d like a white dresser that can fit a changing table on top.  I’ve been searching for a used dresser on craiglist but if I can’t find anything I’ll go with this one from IKEA (and switch out the knobs for fun, colorful ones):

I’m leaning towards a glider chair over a rocking chair but either way it’ll have to be super comfy chair like this one:

And a little shelving unit for toys and extra storage would be nice:

Wall Decor

As I recently mentioned in this post, I’m loving these prints from Etsy and think they’ll look great on the walls:

I also love the idea of floating book shelves:


The nursery has wall-to-wall carpeting but if we were to add a small rug to the room, I think this stripped white and grey one would look perfect:

….Actually everything in the room above would look pretty perfect!  

And that sums up our my dream nursery! :)

_ _ _ _

Do you use Pinterest for decorating ideas?
What would your dream nursery include?  Colors, theme, white furniture, dark furniture…..  ??




  1. Love this Julie! The nursery is going to be so cute, and versatile with the colors! I just used Gray Owl in my house too, love BM. I use pinterest all the time, it’s how I’ve designed everything in our house. Such a great way to plan & visualize a room before you do the work.

  2. lifesabanquet1 says:

    Hi there! I was hoping you would be able to answer a question about your blog! I’m Heather and if you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!

  3. We painted our nursery gray too and have that glider! I would say it was the best purchase ever. Pricey but totally worth it! We also decorated a lot with elephants… My favorite animal! I think the pink and yellow will look great but I’m a sucker for purple!

  4. Love this nursery theme! I just had a baby boy in February and his nursery colors are gray and shades of blue. Pinterest definitely helped out :)

  5. Hi Julie! This is Tierra (Derrick’s, Mike’s co-worker, wife) I’ve been a ghost reader for a while, but I LOVE your nursery ideas. So cute! Please take a look at my company’s site (wayfair.com), and see if you find anything on there. Good luck!! :)

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