We got a treadmill! And WIAW #13

Do you guys realized that tomorrow is the first day of SPRING?!  And the temps are going up to the 40’s & 50’s in Boston over the next few days which means I can finally get outside and run/power-walk after work.  Yessss!  

It’s a good thing we just purchased a new treadmill yesterday when the weather is actually warming up, right?? ;)  Actually, I’m PUMPED that we bought a treadmill since I’ve wanted one for years.  So instead of driving 15 minutes to the gym, I can just head down to our basement and get my sweat on while watching Netflix on the iPad.  I’m sure I’ll still take most of my runs outdoors this Spring/Summer but since treadmills are on super sale right now (especially online deals at Sears) we figured it was a good time to buy one.  Plus, with a baby on the way, it’s gonna be a challenge squeezing in a workout so an at-home gym is probably the best (and only) option. :)

Alright, now let’s get to this week’s What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday’:


My favorite greek yogurt with peanut butter granola and strawberries.

And a close-up of the delicious greek yogurt (with an appearance by Rocky). 

Morning snack

Trail mix with a lot of dark chocolate chips hidden at the bottom of the dish.


Turkey (I microwaved it for 25 seconds – gotta love all the pregnancy rules ;)), lettuce, swiss cheese and light mayo on toasted whole wheat bread with a granny smith apple.

And a bag of cookies from the vending machine at work.

Late afternoon snack

Reduced-fat wheat thins and (2) pepper jack cheese sticks.


Mike was away and I was too lazy to cook a nice dinner so I just whipped up scrambled eggs with crumbled goat cheese and frozen mixed veggies.  I was a little skeptical of the veggie mix (carrots, corn and peas in my eggs?!) but it was surprisingly a really good combination.

And right before I headed up to bed, I ate a Larabar to hold me over.  

Lately, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night starving so my new trick is to either eat right before bed or keep a protein bar in my night stand for emergencies.  I know they say you should have 200-300 extra calories a day when you’re pregnant and since I’m not really paying attention to calories I just make sure to eat whenever I’m hungry.  So if I need a late night snack then I’ll happily have one. :)

_ _ _ _

Do you own a treadmill?  Do you use it often?

What’d you have for dinner?  

_ _ _ _

As always, thanks Jenn for hosting the WIAW partayyyyy!

Peas and Crayons



  1. yummy meals! I haven’t tried that yogurt flavor but it sounds delicious. No treadmill for me here, run outside when I can or the gym ‘mill if I have to. Dinner last night was steak tips, salad and couscous :)

  2. Ive tried that flavor yogurt before & love it. You’ll have to add in some raspberries (frozen), unsweetened coconut & coconut pb spread. I swear, you’ll feel like your in heaven! Ha Ha!

  3. ranchcookie says:

    I always have a snack right before bed haha and I’m definitely not pregnant! Guess when I do get pregnant later on in life I better eat two snacks before bed!

  4. Egg and veggie scrambles are the best! I find I can throw anything in there and it still tastes awesome.

    I remember when I was pregnant I was ALWAYS wake up hungry in the middle of the night. I used to hate having to get out of bed but I had no choice since there was no way I could fall back asleep without eating something. I never thought to keep food beside my bed.

  5. Just had my first babe 2 months ago, and now that I’m nursing, the starving hunger that came in the middle of the night is even worse!! My fave is keeping an apple and a jar of homemade vanilla honey almond butter right beside my nursing chair, yumm!
    Just wondering what kind of treadmill you bought? Hubby and I are looking at getting one but really would love to hear some review on a brand :)

    • Hi Dana! Congrats on the baby!! :) Homemade vanilla honey almond butter + an apple sounds amazing! I’ve never made almond butter but it’s on my TDL.

      We bought the Nordictrack C600 – it’s nothing too fancy but it gets the job done. Plus, it has iFit capability which is key. I just noticed it’s on sale at Sears for $612!

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