Racing at 20 Weeks

I’m 20 weeks along and halfway there!!!

So let’s talk about what it’s like running/racing during your pregnancy.  While I have had a few good runs over the past 5 months, most of my runs have been a struggle and not as easy breezy as I’d expected.  But then there’s a day, like today, where I feel almost like my old self again and back in my running groove!

Today I ran the St. Patty’s Day 5K race in Davis Square along with about 5,000 other runners.  While I did have a small game plan for today’s race, I’m sure pure luck also played a part in it.  For me, the most challenging part of running is the constant urge to pee.  Not kidding, I feel like I have to go the entire run.  I don’t know if the baby is chillin’ on my bladder?  Or if I just drink too much water in general?  Either way, it makes running outside a real pain in the butt.  Besides the bladder problem, I’ve also experienced crazy cramping (like PMS cramping) during some of my runs and shortness of breath so it was a nice break when none of these problems occurred today. :)

So here are a few tips that helped with today’s race:

Eat & drink way before the race starts:  The race started at 11 so I woke up at 7 and quickly prepared a filling breakfast.  I had a bowl of greek yogurt with strawberries, granola and a scoop of almond butter and a small glass of water and small coffee on the side.  I also made sure I didn’t drink any more liquids before the race (this might not be ideal but it helped with my little bladder problem… )

Support the girls!  It’s so worth splurging on a new sports bra in order to keep the girls in place.  I finally purchased a larger, more supportive one yesterday and it made such a difference.  The brand I got wasn’t anything fancy but I’ve heard great reviews about the Moving Comfort sports bra’s so I’m hoping to pick one up this week. 

Run with a long top: Tugging non-stop to keep your shirt down is the worst!  With this growing baby bump, I’ve had to pick up some new tank tops that are longer in length.  So far my favorites have been from Lululemon and Marshalls.  

Leave enough time to use the porter potty before the race: We arrived at the race 30 minutes early which gave us plenty of time to wait in line for the porter potty’s.

Run with a fun playlist: I never race with music since it distracts me and slows me down…  which is exactly why I ran with it today.  Running + the Rihanna station on Pandora is the best!

Take it slow and enjoy the race: Even though I really wanted to run a faster pace, I kept reminding myself that today was a fun run and I was there for the atmosphere and not to break any PR’s.  Right now, my only goal is to keep my heart rate down and do what’s right for the lil’ peanut.  Plus, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to run a faster pace after the baby is born.

And those are my tips.  But if none of these work for you, just power-walk the course and focus on your delicious post-race meal!  That trick always gets the booty going. :)

Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day Eve, everyone!



  1. Proud of you! Good job mama. Wish I were in Boston for the State holiday! ;)

  2. Even though I know you aren’t too fond of your pace….I love your prego race pace! It’s SOOO nice having a running buddy :o) Next year we can take lil miss in the jogging stroller!


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