What I Ate Wednesday #12

Annnnnnnd it’s Wednesday which means it’s almost the weekend, aka St. Patty’s Day weekend!  Woohooo!  Even though I won’t be participating in the day-drinking and Southie craziness this year, I’m still pumped to run a 5K race with some friends and Mike on Sunday.  Actually ‘pumped’ might be an overstatement considering I’m gonna be 20 weeks pregnant and can’t run more than a mile without a bathroom break (not kidding) so we’ll see how that goes. ;)  But I am excited to see all the fun/festive runners and for the post-race brunch and virgin mimosa’s.  Bring it on!  

Time to catch you guys up on what ‘What I Ate Wednesday Sunday‘ so here we go:


I woke up bright & early and got to work on a ‘Berry Pink Smoothie’.  In the mix: 1 cup strawberry greek yogurt, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract and 1 cup almond milk.  

Morning Snack

You’d think all the protein in my smoothie would hold me over but by 9 am I was ready to eat again.  I had a Balance protein bar with a decaf almond milk latte (I’m trying to switch over to decaf ’til this baby is born but damn it’s so hard.  Most days I cave in… )


A grilled cheese with ham on whole wheat bread and some clementines.

Afternoon Snack

I was CRAVING green juice so I picked up a few bottles at Whole Food’s and drank one along with a bowl of trail mix.  I also added dark chocolate and peanut butter chips to the mix to make it extra tasty. And I went back for seconds. :)


Thankfully Mike has been on a cooking kick which means I get to sit back and relax while he does his magic.  For dinner we had wild-caught salmon with a delicious guacamole and mango salsa on top (adapted from this recipe) and a giant sweet potato on the side. 

And that sums up my Sunday. 

**Don’t forget to head over to Peas and Crayons to see what everyone else ate today!** 

Peas and Crayons



  1. Hey congratulations on the pregnancy!! I’m right there with ya. I had to pretty much stop running all together around 20 weeks (I’m 27 now) because I had to pee SOOOO much!!! It was a little frustrating, but I’m just getting my cardio on other ways…like the stairmaster…which makes me sweat after about 5 minutes. And your dinner looks AMAZING!!! I need some salmon in my life!!

  2. Your smoothie looks so creamy, and basically delicious!! I bet it would be awesome topped with shredded coconut & coconut pb! Maybe you’d feel like you were on a tropical island? LOL

  3. Those eats look divine. I’m a specially loving the salmon and sweet potato :) I had one of those green drinks last week and I have to say, they are not half bad. A bit on the sweet side but that much easier to drink :)

    Have fun in your run!

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