Last Week’s Workouts!

Happy Sunday!

So, last week was my first week in months where I managed to complete 5 days of workouts.  I finally felt like my pre-prego self again, yay!  Here’s a recap of my workouts:

Sunday: 2.5 mile run outside + Jillian Michael’s Yoga Inferno DVD (which is such a hard DVD).

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 3 mile power-walk on the ‘mill + some strength training.

Wednesday: Barre & Soul class @ B Yoga.  Love this class!  I wish I could take it all the time but it’s a little pricey so I stick with once a week.  It’s an awesome workout that includes little pulses/ light weights and focuses on toning your arms, legs, butt, and core with some ‘soul’ aka yoga mixed in. :)

Thursday: Off

Friday: 20 minutes on the stair-master + this workout:

Saturday: 6 mile run/walk around Castle Island.

Mild, sunny weather + Castle Island in Southie + ocean air = the perfect run!  Besides the 2 porter potty stops, yesterday’s ‘run’ felt amazing.  I say ‘run’ since now that I’m pregnant I’m really slowing down my pace and adding a lot of walking breaks.  I’ve thought about buying a heart rate monitor but for now I’m just toning down my workouts and running slower than normal (instead of 8 minute miles I now run about 9:45-10 minute miles).  

_ _ _ _ _ _ 

What’s your favorite workout lately?  

-Yoga, pilates, running, spinning, kickboxing, at-home workouts, etc…. ?

Moms: Did you use a heart rate monitor when you worked out while pregnant??




  1. woo! You had a great week of workouts! Yoga is my top choice lately! That could be until our plans on Wednesday! Ha!

  2. I actually never worked out when I was pregnant, but lately I’ve been into running whenever I get the chance. It works pretty much your whole body, so i always feel really accomplished when I do it. Ballet is another one that I’m into a lot lately. Also a LOT of stretching!

    I’m determined to try yoga this summer! I’ve never done it and everyone says it’s amazing and so good for you! I really want to give it a go!

    • Oh, I bet ballet will really help with your running and keep you injury-free!

      I hope you love yoga! You might have to check out a few different yoga classes and teachers before you find the one for you but it’s so worth it in the end. :)

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