A Fit Pregnancy Is Easier Said Than Done.

I knew when I become pregnant that my workouts were going to change; I just didn’t realize how soon into my pregnancy this would happen!  I figured running/working-out would be easy breezy up until months 7 or 8 when the belly becomes harder to work with but boy was I wrong.  Within weeks of being pregnant, my energy was non-existent which left me dragging ass at the gym (if I even made it to there).  As 4 pm rolled around each day, the last thing I wanted to do was change into gym clothes and actually work up a sweat when the thought of my cozy bed sounded a million times better.

But I know that a healthy, fit pregnancy is so important for me and my baby (and I know I become a bit cray cray when I don’t get a good run in) so I sucked it up and made sure to work out 4 times a week.  No excuses, it had to be done.  Not all were intense and a lot were quick at-home fitness DVD’s but I was just happy that I did something. 

So yeah, it’s been a real challenge motivating myself to workout but I know it’ll be worth it in the end.  And thankfully, as I move further into my second trimester, I’m starting to see a slight increase in my energy levels and actually wanting to workout again. :)

Here’s a recap of my workouts from last week:

Sunday: 3 mile run outside (@ a much slower pace than my pre-prego running days)

Monday: ‘Barre & Soul’ class <— LOVE this class!

Tuesday: Off 

Wednesday: 3 mile interval run on the dreadmill

Thursday: 2 mile run outside in the freezing cold + 20 minutes of push-ups, tricep dips & butt exercises inside in my warm living room.  

**Speaking of butt exercises, you guys should check out this awesome article for ’13 Tush-Toning Moves – No Squats Required’.  SO many good moves!

Friday: 25 minute power-walk on the ‘mill (basically an ‘off’ day but I needed an afternoon pick-me-up and since caffeine wasn’t an option I opted for a power-walk.  It did the trick. :))

Saturday: Off 

_ _ _ _ _

Did you (or will you) work-out during your pregnancy?  Any advice?



  1. Those of who didn’t know me when might laugh at this, but I walked religiously for 5-10 miles 6 days a week when I was pregnant. Having no energy was an understatement. But being healthy & having a healthy baby is more important than sleep. And it was good training for when Pip actually arrived ;) also, the more fit you are the easier your pregnancy becomes and the easier your delivery will be. That was a life changing motivator for me. If only I could tap into that now. Pippa runs me ragged but it still isn’t a good enough replacement for a good individual workout.
    Good for you!!! xo

    • Hi Kate! Wow, you walked a lot! I’m def. not walking 6 days a week but I’m hoping it’ll be easier to get out and power-walk once the weather warms up. I’m sure you and Pippa will do the same! :)

  2. I like to think i’d workout butttt i guess we will have to wait and see. sometimes snacking and being cozy get the best of me already!! :)

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