Life Lately {According to my iPhone}

Good evening!

It’s been another busy, productive week for me.  Instead of filling you in on every little detail, I’ll instead just sum it up with pictures…

I’d like to say I’ve had a bunch of great runs this week but that would be a lie.  3/4 of my runs sucked and for some reason I just couldn’t get into a groove.  But at least I had gorgeous Fall weather during my run today.

And scenes from my planned 10 miler which soon turned into a 3 mile run last Saturday.  Oh well, it happens.

I also enjoyed a Bridal Shower for me last Sunday!!  There was lots of food, drinks {even a make your own mimosa station!}, friends, family…   and a fiance.  My family did an awesome job and the shower turned out perfect. :)

Now this is a salad.  As a member of the Wellness Committee at work, we planned a Fall Feast on Wednesday and set up a salad bar, soup station, and some ‘healthy’ desserts.  This salad had it all including romaine lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, chickpeas, goat cheese, grilled chicken, craisins, cucumbers, celery, crumbled hard-boiled eggs, and olive oil and vinaigrette dressing.  Oh, and we gave out mini hand sanitizers which is what you see in the upper right corner.

Have I told you guys that I really like yoga? ;)  I signed up for a 2 week unlimited pass for $25 at a local yoga studio so I’ve been going there and also tried out my new DVD last night.  Let me tell you, this Jillian Michaels DVD is no joke.  I was sweating and swearing at my girl Jillian within 10 minutes.  She get’s ya every time.

Last night was a low-key evening involving a scented candle {gotta have a scented candle going at all times}, wine, the Red Sox, and too much time spent on Pinterest.

Between the after work happy hour and post-Bridal Shower Sunday Funday, I feel like I’ve consumed a lot of beer.  I usually start with a fun beer such as a Whale’s Tale Pale Ale pictured above and then move on to light beer {corona light, miller light, etc}

And to even out all that beer, I’ve been drinking these Suja Element drinks like crazy.  Even their ‘Green Charge’ drink is super flavorful and delicious!  It’s probably from all the fruit – apple, pineapple, banana, mango, and kiwi – that makes it taste so much better than other green drinks.

Time to log off and prepare a roasted salmon w/ grapefruit dinner…   I’ll let you know how it turns out.   

_ _ _ _ _ 

What have you been up to this week?  

Any fun workouts?  Or meals?  



  1. Ohh- will have to check out that DVD!

  2. Love the fall colors in your picture! The wine and beer weren’t too bad either. :) Jillian Michaels is great! Will have to try the yoga one. Have a great weekend.

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