20 Minute Tabata Workout

Hello, hello!

I went weeks even months without finding any new clothes and then today I stopped at Francesca’s Collection and fell in love with 7 dresses!?  Why does it always happen like that?  I finally decided on 5 dresses but I’m still hoping to narrow it down to 4.  Between my bridal shower this weekend and my honeymoon (!!) in Aruba in only a few short weeks, I think 4 is a good amount of new sundresses to own.  And thankfully they were all pretty inexpensive and didn’t break the bank. 

I wish I could just have you all over and help me decide which dresses to keep! :)

Besides my dress dilemma, the rest of my day was the same old, same old.  I started my morning off with the same green smoothie as yesterday (peanut butter, almond milk, frozen strawberries, banana, and a handful of kale) and once again, I didn’t like the kale.  I’m going back to spinach to my smoothie’s or just not making them ‘green’.


After work and my shopping spree, I changed and quickly took off for an easy run while the weather was still in the 60’s and sunny.

I ran a 3 mile loop around my neighborhood and then moved on to complete a Tabata workout at home. 

What’s ‘Tabata’ you ask?

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome….  It’s basically a high intensity interval workout that can be completed in a short amount of time.  To do a Tabata workout, you do an exercise as hard as you possibly can for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat.

I put together a quick (and not so easy) Tabata workout that can be done anywhere and anytime.  For the reverse lunge with front arm raise you can either use light dumbbells or if you don’t have any you can simply do the reverse lunge.  As for the tricep dips, I just used my coffee table and slowly dipped down.  

This workout was a really good one.  I went into it thinking 4 minutes of each move can’t be that hard but within 2 minutes I was struggling to move on.  Let me know what you think of the workout!

OK, time to chill on the couch with a glass of wine and watch the Red Sox kick some playoff butt!  

_ _ _ _ _ 

Yay or nay to kale in smoothies?  What about spinach?

Do you like Tabata workouts?


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