Do you know what’s fun?

Running a road race in the dark!

Do you know what’s not fun?  Trying so hard to break a 23 minute 5K and finishing in 23:25.  

But let’s rewind…

I wasn’t sure if I was going to run the weekly 5K race last night considering it was in the mid 80’s and hot out (which Rocky and I will  happily take in October)

So instead I headed over to La Fitness to try out the 4:30 cardio kickboxing class.  When I left the gym the weather cooled down a few degrees and I figured I might as well suck it up and run the 5K.  I paid the $2 registration fee (which goes to charity) and got ready to kick some butt!  The gun went off around 6:55 and I took off in the dimly lit streets.  My plan was to keep up with the guys and maintain a 7:30 pace and pick it up towards the end.  

Even though it was only a 3.1 mile race, there were still a bunch of times when I wanted to slow it down and take it easy.  But I held strong and reminded myself of how great it’ll feel to finally break 23 minutes.  I repeated the mantra ‘NO REGRETS!’ and went for it even passing some more guys along the course.   It was too dark out to read my Garmin (and I don’t know where the indigo light button is… ) but I figured I was on track to PR and raced towards the finish line, finishing in….  23:25.  Seriously?  What the hell?! 

Thankfully, Mike was on his way home from work and met me at the bar near the race so we could have a few drinks together.  And although I’m bummed I didn’t break 23 minutes I shouldn’t be surprised considering I never do any speed work. ;)

By the time we got home it was 8:30 and I was too lazy to cook dinner so I snacked on carrots, hummus, and triscuits and then reheated sweet potato wedges, added cottage cheese w/ chives and called it a meal.

Sometimes a simple meal is just what ya need. 


Started with a protein packed smoothie (plain greek yogurt, pineapple, strawberries, frozen banana, protein powder, and almond milk), 

and ended with a 5:30 pm yoga class. :)   Which means I did yoga 4 times this week!  And I’d prob go again in the am if I could only afford to keep up with this pricey new obsession.  

What is it about yoga that leaves you feelin’ so good?  

OK, time to shut down the computer and start packing for DC.  We’re heading there in the morning for a fun filled wedding weekend!  See ya’ll on Sunday!

_ _ _ _ _

Have you ever raced in the dark?  

Do you practice yoga?  If so, how many times a week do you go??


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