What I Ate Wednesday {Week 9}

Hi guys!

Yesterday started off with a trip to the gym.  I actually went the entire summer without 1 day at the gym and it was awesome.  I spent my days running outside instead of in a hot, smelly gym.  But lately I’ve had knees problems so I’m trying to get back into cross training/strengthening at least once a week.   I was up and at em’ at 5am and headed over to LA Fitness for 20 minutes on the oh so fun elliptical, lifted weights for 20 minutes (I’ll post the workout later :)) and ended with some stretching.

The rest of the day included work, a quick trip to the dentist (to get the floss that has been stuck in my teeth since Saturday taken out….  which btw, is the most annoying thing ever.  But thankfully the dentist got it out!!) and then happy hour with my coworkers. 

OK, enough chit-chat let’s move on to What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday!  


Strawberry banana yogurt parfait….   Chobani’s strawberry banana Greek yogurt, sliced banana, and GoLean Crisp.  Between the Greek yogurt (14g) and the cereal (9g), this breakfast was packed with protein!

I also had a home-made Dunkin’s cinnamon spice flavored coffee.  And it was black.  Bleh.  We were all out of milk so I drank it black for the first time ever and I was not a fan.  


A fresh apple from apple picking last Saturday.


Lunch was quick, easy, and delicious!  It included leftover’s from Monday night’s dinner (whole wheat penne pasta, frozen green beans, crumbled feta cheese, EVOO, and ground black pepper) with a big scoop of cottage cheese w/ chives.  Yup, I’m becoming obsessed with cottage cheese.  It has 14g of protein per serving so it’s the perfect way to make a meal more filling!


A few handfuls of Skinny Pop Popcorn.


Sooo ‘dinner’ consisted of happy hour with my coworkers and I didn’t remember to take any pictures.  Blogging at it’s finest.  I had a few beers, a couple of chicken fingers, french fries, fried calamari and I think some other crap mixed in there.

Since I don’t have pictures I’ll instead show you a tasty dinner from the other night:

Grilled pineapple, mushrooms, and shrimp on top of brown rice.  Thank god Mike loves the grill. :)

Thanks Jenn for hosting WIAW!

Peas and Crayons

_ _ _ _ _ _

What’s the best thing you ate yesterday?

How do you drink your coffee?  Ever try it black?!

-Just almond milk :)



  1. Oh happy hour ;) Your “replacement” dinner looks awesome! I drink my coffee with almond milk too, and protein powder ;) ha!

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