Motivating friends & perfect running weather.

Isn’t it nice how $9 worth of flowers can bring so much happiness to a room?

Yesterday I was up and em’ for an 8 am yoga flow class.  I originally planned on tackling a long run (10-12 miles) but decided last minute to give my knees a break in hopes that they’ll start feeling better.  After yoga, I spent the morning cleaning the house, doing laundry, and running errands (which included buying this sweet running/yoga tank top at Lululemon).  

Not only did I buy that pretty bouquet of sunflowers but I was also able to purchase wine and beer while at Whole Food’s.  I wish all grocery stores carried alcohol.  Come on Massachusetts, let’s get goingggggg!


I sat down to eat lunch and watch the Patriot’s game around 1:30.  Lunch included another slice of tasty whole grain bread topped with almond butter and scrambled egg whites with a slice of Laughing Cow light swiss cheese.  And wine.

And the rest of the afternoon/evening was spent plopped on the couch catching up with my college friend, Ali.  We snacked on some rosemary triscuits, cheddar cheese, apple slices, and wine for me (tea for her).  

But the highlight of my day  was when Ali and I were talking about how she wants to workout but has never really been into exercising.  She mentioned that she’s wanted to try yoga but just hasn’t been motivated enough to do it.  Well, that’s where I come in.  Within 5 minutes, I found an awesome yoga studio in Ali’s town and signed her up for the ‘Intro to Yoga’ class tonight.  She already paid the $15 for the class online so now she just has to show up.  Sometimes the hardest part of working out is just getting out the door.  I hope you love it, Ali!! :)

Workouts for the week:

Before I get into my workouts, I should point out that I’m no longer training for my first marathon and decided that dropping down to the half was a better/smarter option.  I’ll go into more details in a post soon but basically my legs start to hage me around mile 10 so I decided not to run the full in October…

But on a positive note, it’s the Fall which means it’s perfect weather for running, yay!

Monday: 40 minute run w/ hills

Tuesday: Cross-train (elliptical/stairmaster) + strength training

Wednesday: 5K race in Wakefield + core work

Thursday: Off 

Friday: Off (or an easy run after work)

Saturday: 10 mile run 

Sunday: Yoga


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