It’s Apple Picking Time

Happy First Day of Fall! :)

Hmmm it’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post??  Guess life has been busy lately which unfortunately means blogging is put on the back burner.  But I’m back so let’s start catching up.


The plan was to head out for a good run – maybe 8 miles or so but within the first 10 minutes I knew that plan was out the window.  I just couldn’t get into a groove and ended up running around the lake and stopping after 3 miles.  I don’t know if it was my new sneakers or what but my legs just felt really freakin’ heavy and did not want to move. 

After my ‘run’, I walked over to the Farmer’s Market and picked up a fresh loaf of whole grain bread.  I wanted to buy more but only had $6 in cash so bread was my top choice for the day.  I used the bread to make tasty tuna melts with sliced apples on the side (<—I’m trying to eat more fruits/veggies!)

The bread was def the highlight of this meal.

About an hour later, Mike and I headed up to Hampton Falls, NH to go apple picking. This is one of those activities that we always want to do and talk about doing but never actually do it…   but not this year!  We decided to check out AppleCrest since a couple of friends have raved about the amount of apple trees, delicious glazed donuts, and hot apple cider. 

The place was great but it was also a mad house.  

I guess that’s what happens when you go on the most gorgeous Saturday afternoon (70’s and sunny!!) in the peak of apple picking season?  We bought a large bag for $30 and picked as many apples as we could.

After filling up our bag, we contemplated between waiting in a crazy ass line for donuts/cider or hit the road and grab a pumpkin beer somewhere else.  And pumpkin beer was the winner!  So we stopped at Danversport Yacht Club on our way home and ordered Shipyard pumpkin beers with an order of crab cakes and cheese and crackers.   

And damnnnn, I love the cinnamon, sugared rim with a pumpkin beer!  But since pumpkin beers are not the healthiest options (185 calories each!), I only ordered 1 and then switch over to a glass of white wine.

Seriously, if we were to ever have a wedding and not elope, this would be the perfect place to do it.  The views were fantastic!  I’m sure it’s also a lot of $$$$ so thankfully we’re eloping ;)

_ _ _ _ _

Somehow I got a second wind around 7:30pm (which if you know me, is pretty close to my bedtime) and ended up making 2 apple crisp’s – one for us and one for Mike’s dad & stepmom.  I searched online for a recipe and went with this one which looked easy and also had great reviews.  I haven’t tried the apple crisp yet but I’ll have some tonight and let you know if the recipe is a good one or not!

OK, time to pay attention to the Pat’s game.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



  1. I can’t wait to apple pick, you had a gorgeousss day!! I went to a prom at Danversport and it was absolutely stunning :) What a view!


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