Buzzed Shopping, StrideBox, & Free Yoga

What happens when you consume 3 glasses of wine at happy hour and you’re at a bar right next to EMS?  Well, if you’re like me, you buy about 20 energy gu’s and a ridiculous running belt.  Why why why…. 

Actually, I’m happy about the gu’s {I’m a bit addicted} but not very pleased with the running belt.   I mean, do people really run with these things?

I decided tonight would be a good time to test it out during a nice and slow run.  I threw it on and crossed my fingers hoping it would stay in place and actually be enjoyable.

But within 4 minutes the belt was bouncing all over the place and was SUPER uncomfortable.  I should have just left it in the street for a car to run over it but I took it off and carried it for the rest of my run.   I guess I’ll have to keep planning my runs around routes with water fountains since carrying a bottle just isn’t working for me.


And on another running note, my first StrideBox arrived in the mail the other day!

Have you heard of StrideBox?  Basically, for $15 a month, they send you a little box full of running related items such as gels, gear, protein bars, energy drinks, etc.  Here’s what arrived in the mail this month {and a package of organic energy chews which I already ate}:

Not sure if it was worth the money this month but I’ll wait and see what they deliver next month before deciding if I continue or not.

_  _ _ _ _ 

And lastly, I tried out a free outdoor yoga class yesterday, woohoooo!  I debated about whether to go or not but how could I turn down a free class?  Plus, it was from 4:30-5:30 which worked out perfectly for me.  So I changed at work, headed over to the Commons in Lynnfield, and set up my yoga mat on the grass with about 10 other people.

Not only was the instructor really cool but it was also fun being outdoors enjoying a crisp fall summer day! 

Btw, the instructor was saying how Lululemon not only hosts this free weekly class, but they also have free outdoor kickboxing and a spinning class at Market StreetLynnfield this weekend!  Pretty sweet, right?  Do all Lululemon locations offer free classes?? :)



  1. I would TOTALLY do the same thing shopping wise ;) My dad swears by running belts, but I just don’t like how it bounces. I saw that Lulu has free running classes and yoga classes where I live now, so I must check that out. Last night I went to the Nike class which as also free!

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