Top 10 Reasons to do Yoga!

Hello, hello!  Did you guys watch football yesterday?  Did you see the Pat’s win? Not their best game but I’ll take it. :)

So remember how I said I tried a new yoga studio on Saturday morning but had to leave since it was f’n hot yoga?  While I was there I signed up for their emails and they sent me one over the weekend with the top reasons to do yoga.  It was such a great list that I had to share it with you guys {and make it look pretty… }

Top 10 Reasons to do Yoga: 

1. Be kinder to yourself and others.
2. Tackle challenges with creativity and calm.
3. Enjoy an easy relationship with food and feel comfortable and confident in your body.
4. Increase your energy to do the things you really want; take on things you’ve been meaning to do.
5. Sleep soundly.
6. Feel more engaged with those around you and smile more with your children and/or partner.
7. Improve flexibility and strength.
8. Delight in simple things and experience a sense of possibility in your life.
9. Play with your grandchildren on the floor and ski, bike, run, golf, and play tennis better now and later into life..
10. Create the BEST LIFE EVER. 

Thank god I finally got into yoga….  Better late than never, right?

_ _ _ _ _ _

Workouts for the Week:

(loosely based off this marathon training plan)

Monday: Yoga —> maybe this one:

Tuesday: 5 mile run w/ hills

Wednesday: 8 mile run

Thursday: 5 mile run + strength training

Friday: Off or yoga

Saturday: 18 mile run!!!

Sunday: Off

_ _ _ _ _ _

And before logging off, here’s some motivation for the week:


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