Second Female Finisher!!!


And Thank Goodness It’s Payday Friday too!  Which means I get to treat myself to a tasty grande, non-fat Starbucks latte.  Damn, those drinks make me so happy.

_ _ _ _ _

Yup, I was the SECOND FEMALE FINISHER in a 5K on Wednesday night!!  I don’t think I’ve ever been second place at anything in my life?  There was probably a total of 6 female runners (and some walkers) in the race but I’ll still take it. :)

So the race is part of the weekly 5K that is held every Wednesday @ 6:45pm at the lake in Wakefield.  I knew I loved Wakefield before we bought our house last April but now I def love Wakefield knowing it’s a town full of runners.  I mean, a weekly 5K is pretty sweet! 

Registration was a whopping $2 and the course was a simple, flat route around the lake…. 

I would say it’s a ‘flat & fast’ course like you usually hear but it’s actually not that fast when you’re weaving in and out of all the other runners/walkers/dogs/bikers/ baby strollers/etc.   But it’s fine, it’s still a great opportunity to work on my speed and really push it for 3.1 miles.

I ran at a moderate pace and picked it up the last mile, finishing in 23:34.  Although it’s not my fastest time, I’m still happy considering it was hot outside and I was exhausted from working all day. 

I was also happy since I was able to eat a bunch of free twizzlers within 5 seconds of crossing the finish line.  

Overall, the race was so much fun and I can’t wait to start incorporating it into my weekly workouts.  I figure if I start running this race once a week, do yoga once or twice a week, and continue running outdoors then maybe I can cancel the gym membership that I haven’t used in months?  

Plus, if I continue running this weekly race then maybe I’ll finally break a 23 minute 5K.  I’m so close yet I keep finishing around 23:30{ish}.  I just need to practice picking up my pace earlier in the race and get comfortable with being uncomfortable for a couple of miles.   Here’s my new 5K motto:

_ _ _ _ _

Do you like running 5K’s?

Does your town have a lot of runners?

Any fun plans for the weekend?




  1. yayy! Congrats! you can def push itt to be first!! NO pressue or anything ;)


  1. […] ha.  Sloooow it down, Julie.  Today is my running day so I’m hoping to make it over to the weekly 5K that’s held every Wednesday in my town and treat it as a speed workout.  If all goes well, […]

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