What I Ate Wednesday {Week 8}

Well, it’s another Wednesday which means it’s time for WIAW!  

So let’s jump right into it….    Here’s What I Ate Wednesday  Labor Day Monday:


I ate the exact same breakfast as last week’s WIAW so i’m just gonna use the same picture.  Lazy blogging at it’s finest :)  I had the Luna bar around 7am and then had the gu and chomps a couple hours later during my 16 mile run.

I also had a big cup of home-made Dunkins hazelnut coffee with almond milk to PUMP ME UP for my long run.


As soon as I got home from running I chugged a bottle of pineapple coconut water {which tastes amazinggg after a workout} and prepared lunch…

Lunch consisted of 2 fried eggs, turkey bacon, and home-made banana bread with peanut butter.  The thought of this meal is what kept me going through out my run…  YUMMM


1/2 a bottle of this ‘Purify’ juice by Suja.  It was OK, but not my favorite juice.


Mike grilled up a whole-wheat pizza crust with diced tomatoes, pancetta {which is an italian bacon {I had to look it up}}, fresh basil from the garden, and mozzarella cheese.  And we had grilled asparagus on the side.   My iPhone picture doesn’t do it justice but boy was this pizza good!!! :)  

_ _ _ _ _ _

P.S. here’s WIALN {What I ‘Ate’ Last Night}

My first pumpkin beer of the season!  I ordered a flight of pumpkin beers while I was out at happy hour…   and I’m pretty sure Shipyard pumpkin is still my favorite with Harpoon as a close second.

_ _ _ _ _ _

**Don’t forget to check out WIAW over @ Peas & Crayons!

 Peas and Crayons



  1. Banana and NB is by far my favorite baked good combination. So good!

  2. I agree with the above, banana bread and nut butter…yummmy!!!!it’s so decadent!!!!

  3. I nominated you for the wordpress family award!

  4. I just tried my first pumpkin beer the other night. It was a game changer.

  5. I love luna bars :) And pumpkin beer sounds great.. but I still can’t drink it :O

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