What I Ate Wednesday: Week 7!

Hi guys!  How’s your week so far?

So I finally took my first real live yoga class on Monday evening and I LOVED it!  Seriously, it was awesome!  I signed up for the Power Yoga class which included 75 minutes of stretching, toning, lots of core work, and meditation.  I’ve always been hesitant to fork over $15 for a yoga class since I thought I’d a) be bored, b) wouldn’t be able to relax and be ‘zen’, and c) I was nervous that it would smell like BO (I figured since you’re working out in a warm/stuffy room with a bunch of peeps, it would have to smell, right?)   But between the soft lights, the reggae music, the smell of incense (yes!) and our super sweet instructor, it was such a great experience.  And as a bonus, I left the class in such a positive mood which was NOT how I went in there.  

I highly recommend everyone tries out a yoga class at least once!  Trust me, you’ll like it. :)

_ _ _ _ _

Since it’s Wednesday, let’s talk some food.  Here’s What I Ate Wednesday Sunday:

6am: Breakfast #1 

I was up at 6am on Sunday for my 15 mile run.  I quickly had a Luna bar as soon as I got up and then had the energy chews and gu through-out the run.   I also drank a ton of water before, during, and after.

11am: Breakfast #2

After my run, I showered, stretched, iced and then prepared a bowl of Black Cherry Chobani greek yogurt with GoLean Crunch and a bunch of blueberries.  And a glass of home-made Dunkin’s hazelnut flavored iced coffee with almond milk.  

3pm: Linner Time!

Mike and I were out shopping so we stopped at ‘Not Your Average  Joe’s’ for a late lunch/early dinner.  I started with a Sam Adams Summer beer and some tasty bread and dipping oil (not pictured).  

For my meal, I ordered a salad with biscotti-crusted goat cheese served organic greens with raspberries, caramelized pecans and grilled salmon.  I also asked for 2 dressings on the side and ended up using the lemon herb vinaigrette.  This salad was soooo good!  I’ll have to make it ASAP!

7:30: Dessert 

I wasn’t very hungry but I figured since I ran 15 miles, I should probably eat dessert.   So I had a home-made brownie (from the box :)) and topped it with fat-free whipped cream.

And a glass of white wine….       Perfect end to the weekend.

**Thanks Jenn for hosting WIAW! :)

_ _ _ _ 

Anyone else a big fan of yoga?

What was the best thing you ate over the weekend?




  1. I love yoga! I’m going today and I’m so excited. Since starting to run a bit, my body really needs it.

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