Yoga for Runners?

Yesterday morning started with a quick trip to the Farmer’s Market down the street.  It’s open every Saturday morning in the summer and I’ve been wanting to stop by for months.

I checked out the organic (and super pricey) fruits/veggies, wild fish, cage-free chicken and eggs, but decided to save my money and buy a jar of home-made honey

and a home-made lemon dressing.  I also bought another bottle of dressing and fresh cookies for my friend’s Apartment Warming Gift.

And since the market was conveniently located right at the lake, I went for a 4 mile run right after shopping.  And boy, was it a struggle trying to get through the last mile!  But I sucked it up and finished  the run with an 8 min/mile pace.

The rest of the day was spent running a ton of errands and plopping in bed around 9:30.  Fun Saturday night, huh?


I had an AWESOME 15 mile run!!  I don’t even know the last time I felt so good during a run?  For the last month of so, my calfs/achilles have been hurting me for the first 4ish miles and then both my knee’s start to kill around mile 9.  But today, NOTHING HURT!   And it was amazing. :)

To fuel for my run, I had a Luna bar at 6am and 1/2 a package of sports beans while driving to Castle Island.  I also had energy Gu at mile 6 and the rest of the sports beans at mile 11.  I stopped a couple of times at the water fountains but besides that I just kept pushing through the run.  My overall pace was 8:49 with my last mile split at 8:14!! 

The only part that sucked about the run was that as soon as I finished, I could barely move.  Like at all.  My shins, knees, feet, and hip were all so stiff and in pain.  So I stretched and iced my knees as soon as I got home.



Although, icing and stretching does help a little bit, I have a feeling it’s not gonna be enough.  Which is why I need to start taking yoga more seriously!  I did the Jillian Michael’s Power Yoga video last week (PS it’s free on YouTube: you should all check it out) and felt way more flexible and less achy.  So I’m thinking that maybe this contributed to my great run today??  I always hear that yoga improves your strength and flexibility which can help you stay injury-free.  So my goal this week is start really getting into yoga in order to become a better runner.  I’m going to try the free online yoga video’s and maybe even check out a yoga studio.  I also want to make sure I do the poses from this great article titled ‘Yoga for Runners: 3 Poses You Should Practice’.   Who knows, maybe I’ll eventually become a yogi! :)

_ _ _ _

Anyone into yoga? 

Does it help with your running?

What’s your favorite ‘style’ yoga class??   



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