Snapshots of Latvia

Annnnnnd I’m back!   After 18 hours of traveling yesterday (Riga –> Amsterdam (with a 5 hour layover) –> Boston), I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.  First on my list is to make my beloved home-made coffee…

Oh, how I’ve missed you. 

So I didn’t have time to take a ton of pictures (you know that whole ‘work’ thing took up most of my time) but here’s a couple of iPhone shots from the week:


1. – Arriving in Riga, Latvia, 2. – No sleep on overnight flights = lots of caffeine, 3. – Turkey club for lunch/dinner, 4. – Love the view from my hotel room


1. – Mini coffee to start the day, 2. – Quick workout (still sportin’ the pedometer), 3. – Healthy breakfast, 4. – Chicken caesar salad for dinner


1. – Good morning Riga, 2. – Cappuccino time, 3. – Early morning workout w/ Tracy Anderson, 4. – Dinner in Old Town (apparently w/ my imaginary friend ;))


1-3. – Walking around looking for a place to eat, 4. – A couple tasty app’s


Up and at it for my early flight to Amsterdam…   Buh bye Riga!

_ _ _ _ _

OK, time to hit up the Farmer’s Market down the street, go for a 4 mile run, stop at EMS (to get anti-chafing stuff – my armpits KILL during my long runs), and check a bunch of other errands off my to-do-list….

Hope you all have a fabulous Saturday! :) 

_ _ _ _ _

What are you up to this weekend?

Do you have a long run this weekend?  Do you prefer long runs on Sat or Sun?

I’m hoping to run 15 tomorrow morning.  Fingers crossed my knees feel good :)


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