Longest Run Ever

Helloooo and Happy Sunday!

This morning I tackled my longest run ever….  14 miles!!  Let me tell you, it was hard.  Around mile 9 my knees started throbbing, and I wanted to call it quits but I pushed through the pain (maybe not the smartest idea?) and finished the 14 miles on a strong note.  I averaged 8:50 min/mile with my last mile at 8:32.

Love running around Castle Island!  So much that I ran the loop 4 times today…

As soon as I finished the run I plopped down on the grass to stretch and literally could not get up after.  My body felt so old and was in so much pain.  All I could think about was ‘how the heck will I run 12 more miles and complete a marathon?!?!’.  But I’m going to try to be POSITIVE, work on strengthening my knee muscles, continue stretching and icing, and hope it all works out.


Since Mike was also completing a long 12 mile run this morning, we made plans to quickly shower and head down the street to a fun lil’ coffee shop (PS my goal is to try every restaurants/bar/coffee shop in Wakefield.  We have about 7 down and a ton to go).  I went with the ‘Aloha’ wrap and it was so freakin’ good! 

Obviously a wrap with eggs, ham, cheese, and pineapple is gonna taste amazing. :)  I’ll have to remember to make this exact wrap sometime soon!  And I ordered a large iced non-fat late.

Check out the label on the coffee:

I don’t know if I’d call that my ‘Chateau’ but that combination definitely = a pretty fantastic day!  Right?

_ _ _ _ _

Alright, guess it’s time to log off and start packing for my trip to Riga, LATVIA (<– yeah, who goes to Latvia!?).  My flight takes off in a couple of hours and I haven’t even started packing yet…   oh boy! 

Anyone else have a long run or race over the weekend?  How was it?

Do you also put off packing ’til the very last-minute?



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