Wknd Recap & WFTW

Hi everyone!  How’s your week so far? 

Since I took a vacation day yesterday, I was able to enjoy 3 beautiful beach days on Cape Cod.  Here’s a couple snapshots from my weekend:

1. – pre 12 mile run along the canal on Saturday morning, 2-4. – breakfast date w/ Mike @ Sesuit Harbor Café (ham, egg & cheese sandwich with a side of fruit salad), 5. – beer on the beach, 6. – beach beach beach

1. – lil nephew, Ben :), 2 – wine on the deck, 3. – Mike and I, 4. – family game time, 5. – cutest smile

*Not pictured: cheese burgers, lobsters, more beer, a brownie sundae, Cape Cod potato chips, cookies, and a lot of other junk foods…  

So apparently I wasn’t the healthiest eater over the long weekend and probably could have made some better choices.  Some days I just don’t have the best will power…   And that’s the reason why I don’t keep much junk food around my house.  If it’s there, I will eat it.  So in order to get back on track I’ll simply do what works best:

1) Drink a shot load of water

2) Try to avoid processed crap/ white foods 

3) Drink less booze

4) Work-out!!!

Not the most exciting way to get back on the healthy bandwagon but it works! :)

_ _ _ _ _

Workouts for the Week (WFTW):

(loosely based off this marathon training plan)

Monday: 3 mile run DONE! (It felt super slow but I did it)

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 6 mile run

Thursday: Cross-training/ strength-training day

Friday: 4 mile run + ab workout

Saturday: Long run = 13 miles

Sunday: Rest

_ _ _ _

 How do you get back on track after eating/drinking over the weekend?

Whats your favorite workout this week? 




  1. Jealous about the beach weekend! Crap ton of water, extra veggies and a crazy, sweaty workout always make me feel better on a Monday after an indulgent weekend.

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