The Anywhere Circuit Workout!


Anyone else really ready for the weekend?!  I’m taking Monday off to hang with my family on the Cape so it’ll be my one and only mini ‘vacation’ of the summer, woohoooo!  My weekend will include a 12 mile run, the beach, BBQ’s, beer, wine, and since my brothers (from Portland, OR; Denver, CO; and NH) are all in town with their families, it’s also time for our annual Totten Lobster Fest! :)


Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 5:45am for a workout at my hotel gym.  I had switched my Tuesday and Thursday workouts this week so I could easily do the cross-training/strength-training workout at the hotel (nothing easier than taking the elevator to a gym).  So anyways, I rolled out of bed at 5:45, threw my gym clothes on and headed downstairs.   I was all excited to burn some calories and work off my late night dinner of grilled cheese & fries.  But as soon as I entered the gym, I noticed a smell, a very strong smell of BO and it kept getting worse…  So gross!  I’ll workout in a lot of conditions but BO is not one of them.  Hellz-to-the-no. 

So I headed back up to my room to complete my own circuit workout.  I did 3 rounds of this ‘fun’ circuit in about 35-38 minutes and was left exhausted and sweaty. 

_ _ _ _ _

And before logging off, I wanted to share this quote that I saw over on the lovely blog, Nutrition Nut on the Run:

I’m sure I’m not the only person always planning ahead and neurotically filling out numerous TDL’s??  So this weekend, I’m really going to try and relax and just LIVE IN THE MOMENT! (And I’m guessing my brother’s will have a field day saying this quote to me all weekend, ha!)  Oh well :)  Have a great Friday, everyone!

_ _ _ _

Any long runs or races this weekend?

Do you workout at hotel gyms?  Or in the room?  Or neither?

Fun plans for the weekend?



  1. Isn’t that a pretty quote!? Happy Friday :)

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