A run, a grilled dinner, and a workout plan for the week.

Good morning!

Welp, I finished my 11 mile run over the weekend.  It wasn’t a pretty run (except for the views) but I did it with an average pace of 8:40/mile.


I ended up running out to the left for 3 miles and back to my car for a water/energy gu break (at mile 6).  And then I ran down the path in the opposite direction for 2.5 miles and back again.  I had a little running water bottle with me but was it was still nice having my car as a pit stop half way through the run.   


After the run, I stopped at Dunkin’s for an iced coffee, water and the egg white chicken sausage flatbread.

So why did my long run suck?? 

No idea!  My legs felt OK, it wasn’t super hot/humid, I had plenty of water, no stomach issues, I slept alright the night before……  but for some reason I couldn’t zone out and just enjoy the run.  Every mile felt painfully boring and never-ending.  I also ran without my iPhone so I didn’t have my Rihanna Pandora station to jam out to.  So maybe that was my problem??  Must bring my girl, Rihanna on every future long run to PUMP ME UP!


I have to tell you guys about dinner last night since it was so easy and delicious.  Easy for me because Mike made it but I’m sure it’s a super easy dinner in general.  It was all centered around Mike’s pesto and the grill. 

We had sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and chicken all prepared right on the grill.  Gotta love summer cookin’ (and eating while watching 60 Minutes) :)

We layered the chicken with the creamy, heavenly pesto and also used it as a dip for the sweet potatoe wedges.  The brussel sprouts look burnt in these pic’s but they actually came out tasting amazing. :)

_ _ _ _ _ _

Workouts For The Week

(based off  Week #7 of this marathon training plan)

Monday: 3-4 mile run + strength training

Tuesday: Cross-train day! (Spin class or this workout)

Wednesday: 6 mile run

Thursday: 4 mile run + strength training

Friday: Off

Saturday: Long run = 12 miles

Sunday: Off

_ _ _ _ _

Do you grill a lot in the summer?  Favorite food to grill?

What’s your workout schedule for the week?



  1. We usually grill a ton in the summer! BUT without a deck the past week or so, we’ve been bringing the dinner indoors to the oven. My fav to grill is kabobs, meant and veggies all at once, one and done! My workouts started Sunday for me: 3 miles, Mon: rest Tues: circuit OR Yoga Wed: 3 miles OR yoga Thurs: HIIT and Strength Fri:Cross training 45 mins Sat: off!

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