The calm before the storm.

Guys…  Tonight is going to be a great night, consisting of nothing!  After a full week of early morning workouts (5am!), book club, work, etc., I’m so ready for a night to chill out and relax.  Plus, I have a big day tomorrow starting with an 11 mile run at 7am so tonight will be an early one for me. :)

Here’s what’s happening tonight:

1) A much needed mani/pedi

2) Dinner from Subway.  The turkey, avocado sub is amazinggg Have you tried it yet?  I also ordered it with cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, and cheddar cheese on a whole-wheat roll. 

3) Wine.  Duh.

3) Lay out my running gear & pack for the Cape.

4) Eat a couple chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for dessert.

5) Stalk running blogs.  Boo yah!  Besides Pinterest, I find that reading running blogs is the best way to get me motivated for a long run.  I recently discovered the blog, Sweat Once A Day by Emily (aka Sweaty Emily) and it’s so inspiring to read about her crazy, long ass runs.  I mean, this girl runs ULTRAMARATHONS!!!  One weekend she ran 35 MILES and then ran a half marathon the following day!  So tomorrow while I’m whining about my ‘long’ 11 mile run, I’ll just think about how Emily probably runs 11 miles in her sleep.   

_ _ _ _

What are you up to this weekend?

Anyone racing?  Or have a long run? :)



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