Take it Outdoors! POWER Walking Workout

On Tuesday afternoon I changed into my gym clothes and was about to head over to the LA Fitness to complete a cross-training/strength-training workout.  My plan was to hang with the elliptical, lift some weights, and end with the rowing machine.  But as soon as I walked outside I realized I would be an IDIOT if I worked out indoors and didn’t take advantage of the gorgeous summer day.  I mean, 80 degrees, mostly sunny, and  basically no humidity doesn’t happen everyday in July so I changed up my workout plan and headed to the lake.

To me, a cross training day means anything cardio related other than running.  It’s a chance to work the muscles we don’t use as often in order to become better, stronger runners.  I’m pretty sure power-walking is also off-limits as far as cross-training  goes but on a day when I had to be outside, walking would have to suffice.  Right? Right.  I completed the workout below in exactly 1 hour and felt awesome.  My butt is still hurting from all those walking lunges and my arms are sore from the push-ups. 

Btw, when I say POWER walk I mean get going now and PUSH IT.  There’s no dilly dallying when you’re POWER walking! :) 

Another thing you can do if you’re at a park is take advantage of the benches and lean against them for the push-ups.  Or even substitute bench dips if you prefer? 

_ _ _ _ _

Do you like circuit workouts?  Do you make them up or follow a plan?

Are you a POWER walker?



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