Want Some Motivation??

You guys need some motivation for the week?  Yup, me too.  Once again, all I did was check out Pinterest to find my 4 favorite quotes for this week’s ‘Monday’s Motivation’.  These quotes already got me PUMPED UP and out the door for a 3 mile run this morning so hopefully they help you as well. :)

And some fun ecards to get you through this lovely Monday:

_ _ _ _ _

My workout plan for this week:

(based off Week #6 this marathon training plan)

Monday: 4 mile run DONE! (Well, technically I ran 3 miles & walked 1 mile – it was humid as hell this morning and I couldn’t push it all 4 miles… )

Tuesday: Cross train  + strength training (maybe a spin class? Or this workout again :))

Wednesday: 5 mile run + core work

Thursday: 4 mile run w/ hill repeats

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Long run = 11 miles

Sunday: Rest

What are your workouts this week?

Do you search Pinterest for workout motivation?




  1. On to week 8 of my marathon training… I have some speed-work (hopefully) and a 14-mile long run planned. The rest of the days will just be basic runs mid-mileage. Good luck with your week 6!

  2. I love going through Pinterest for quotes. It’s totally fun to put them in the posts for the week too. Great idea to list out your workouts. Usually, being home, my schedule tends to change or I’ve been working around how my legs feel (ran them into the ground and now dealing with it) I think some swimming and aquajog gong would be good as ill be at the lake a few days this week. Thanks for the motivation!

    • Hi Kaitlin! I just started planning my workouts a few months ago and it makes it sooo much easier to stick with a schedule and not just play it by ear. Sometimes I change around the workouts depending on the weather and how I’m feeling but I still try to complete all the workouts each week.

      Ummm what’s ‘aquajog gong’?! Sounds fun! :)

  3. Thanks for the motivation Julie! I went for a really great 3 mile run with my running buddy yesterday! It’s so much easier to run when you’re with someone else ;)

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