6:40 am: Yesterday started bright n’ early when my alarm went off my long run.  I quickly changed, grabbed my running stuff (bottle of water/gatorade, energy gu, granola bar, nano, Garmin, sunblock, and some napkins (to wipe the sweat off after my run – gross, I know)) and headed towards Southie to run around Castle Island and along the water towards UMass Boston.

I was struggling to get into my groove and wasn’t sure if I’d make it all 9 miles so I started off at a conservative pace and finally picked it up around mile 7.  My overall pace was 8:43/mile with splits of 8:40, 8:51, 8:55, 8:54, 8:57, 8:58, 8:48, 8:32, and 7:57.  I was dying during that last mile but just kept thinking that the sooner I finish, the sooner I’ll be back in my AC’d car chugging my ice cold water.

10:00 am: After my run, I stretched, iced my poor knees, showered, had breakfast (a bowl of greek yogurt, sliced banana and granola) and got to business making an iced coffee.  Seriously, this coffee is good stuff!  Not quite as good as a Starbuck’s latte but it definitely beats a Dunkin’s coffee.

Directions: Prepare your coffee as usual (I used New England Hazelnut coffee and did a 1:1 ratio of coffee to water).  Pour some coffee into ice cube trays, freeze them and store the rest of the coffee in the fridge overnight (<– this is a very important step; you need chilled coffee).  In the morning, add the coffee-flavored iced cubes to a glass, pour chilled coffee on top, add almond milk (or any milk, cream, sugar, whatever else), stir, add a straw and drink up!

(Side note:  I prepared the coffee and ice cubes last night so my coffee was good to go this morning.)

12 pm: Did a bunch of errands and then quickly prepared lunch (2 pieces of whole wheat toast w/ almond butter and an apple). 

2:30ish pm: Headed to Newburyport for my friend Kates’ Going Away Party (she’s moving to Boulder today…  ahhhh!)  We started at a fun lil’ Mexican restaurant downtown and then made our way over to Michael’s Harborside.

Michael’s has an awesome deck overlooking the harbor so we hung-out on the deck all afternoon/night.  Such a fun place!

Kate and I (before the sad good-bye see ya soon):

11ish pm: Exhausted and ready for bed.

_ _ _ _ _

What’d you do yesterday? 

Anything fun planned for today?

-I’m doing nothing today :)



  1. We have just gotten into this iced coffee trend and love it!

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