Finally a fast run, a salmon dinner and it’s Rocky’s (belated) Birthday!

Hey guys!

Can we quickly talk about how much humidity effects our runs??

For the past month I’ve been running super slow and I was fine with that.  I was just happy to finish my runs without dying.  But last night I went out for a run not realizing how low the humidity levels were and man my run was so much easier and faster!

I ran a 3 miles in 23:20 which is probably close to my fastest 5K!  I’m not sure if I ran faster because I was finally able to breath without the crazy humidity?  Or maybe running on humid days makes us stronger/faster runners??  Either way I’m just glad I finally had a little pep in my step. :)


After eating crap at happy hour on Tuesday night, I was craving something healthy and low carb for dinner last night so I hit up the grocery store after my run.  I picked up wild-caught salmon, a couple zucchini’s (and a sweet potato for Mike) and quickly prepared a super easy, delicious dinner.  For the salmon all I did was brush EVOO on top, sprinkle ground flax seeds, and bake it at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. 

I also bought a couple lemons and limes while at the store and cut them up into little slices so I can easily add them to my glasses of water (something I’ve been meaning to do for months!) 

And yes, it really does add great flavors to the water. :)

_ _ _ _ _

And lastly, it was my little buddy’s 3rd birthday on Tuesday and I completely forget to give him a shout out so….



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