Cross-Training Circuit Workout!

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed with all the workouts you’re ‘supposed’ to do as a runner?  According to a bunch of training plans and running articles, I should complete:

  • a long run
  • an easy run
  • a speed workout
  • a hill workout
  • yoga or pilates (to increase flexibility, recovery, etc.)
  • lift weights 2-3X
  • cross-train 1-2X
  • complete agility drills 3-4X
  • and have a rest day

Every week!  Seriously who has time for all those workouts??  I’m happy when I squeeze in 4 workouts a week.

So in order to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, I combined a bunch of these workouts into 1 awesome cross-training circuit workout.   Not only is it great for everyone since it strengthens your legs, core, and arms but it’s also perfect for runners because of the drills (high knees & butt kicks) :)

I did this workout yesterday during my lunch break and left the gym sweaty and exhausted.  Just what I needed.  Btw, I completed it in 40 minutes but you can always add extra circuit repeats and/or cross-training for a longer, more intense sweat session! 

_ _ _ _ _ _

What workouts do you do every week? 

Which ones are your favorite?  Least favorite?



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