Need energy? Go for a run

Hi guys!

After a fun-filled Saturday spent at the beach followed by a long happy hour(s) on the Cape, I figured yesterday would be a good chance to get my life back in order.  But first up, I needed to run.  On days when I’m tired/sluggish/hung-over, the only thing that gives me energy is going out for a run.  Even a Dunkin’s coffee with a turbo shot wasn’t cutting it for me yesterday.  So I dragged myself off my comfy couch, changed into running gear, and headed to the lake. 

Trust me, this is sometimes the hardest thing to do but I just think about how good I’ll feel once I’m done running.  

And 3 miles later I felt GREAT! :)

_ _ _ _ _

I also really needed to hydrate yesterday so I chugged down an orange flavored coconut water.  These drinks are awesome post-workout and also for helping with a hangover.  Win win!

I love these drinks even more after reading the back and seeing ‘no fat and no cholesterol (means big hearts and small butts)’ Ha! :)


After my run, I did a bunch of errands, laundry, cleaned, caught up on blogs and finally around 7:30ish, I sat down to a delicious dinner prepared by Mike.  In the mix: grilled chicken kabobs (with mushrooms, tomatoes, and red peppers) on top of whole-grain quinoa. Perfect-O.

And for dessert?  A couple handfuls of dark chocolate covered almonds – my new ‘go-to’ treat.

_ _ _ _ _

Workouts for the Week:

(Loosely based off my marathon training plan)

Monday: 3 mile run w/ hills

Tuesday: Cross-train (elliptical, stairmaster, or bike)

Wednesday: 5 mile run

Thursday: 3 mile run + abs

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Long run = 9 miles

Sunday: Rest

_ _ _ _ _

Do you workout when you need energy? 

Any fun/exciting workouts this week??



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