Five Things Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  Wow, this has been a long ass week!  Right??   Thankfully it’s Friday and almost the weekend!  So I think it’s about time we do a ‘5 Things Friday’ post (aka I’m too tired to think and actually write a real post…. :))

1) Last night I grilled this frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s and it was DABOMB.COM.

Warning: This pizza was so good that after I had 3 little slices (1 serving) I then went back for another slice.  And another.  And then the last slice…..  Hey, it happens sometimes.  So next time I’ll have to make sure Mike is here to split the pizza or I have to practice better self-control.

2) I’m obsessedwith Tracy Anderson’s No Weights Workouts on YouTube.

The workouts are only 5-12 minutes so I’ve been trying doing them pretty much every day for the past 2 weeks.   

3) I think Target has some of the best workout clothes!  I bought this super light tank top by Champion and I love it.  Not only is it light and comfy but it also rides lower in the arms which is ideal for me (don’t you hate it when they ride up in your armpit while running?)  It’s a perfect top for running during the hot/humid summer months.  :)

4) I can’t wait to make/buy the ‘Low-Calorie, Healthy Frozen Yogurt’ treats from this article.  First on my list are these tasty looking 30 calorie greek yogurt cupcakes!

5) And lastly since I don’t show you guys nearly enough picture’s of Rocky (preferably I’d show you 1 a day but I hold back), here’s a little photo shoot in his favorite spot… securedownloadI know I’m biased, but isn’t he the cutest cat ever? 

_ _ _ _ _

Where do you buy your workout clothes? 

Anyone else love Target?

What workout video’s do you watch online?? 



  1. Old Navy has great workout gear! and affordable! I do love Target though..and not just for workout gear lol

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